In a report published by the National Institutes of Drug Abuse, there’s some excellent news regarding the reduction of prescription drug use and associated deaths in Broward County. But the news isn’t all good. According to the report, injection use of opioids, methamphetamine, and heroin is on the rise. Synthetic cannabinoid use increased tenfold and HIV resulting from needle drug use also increased. When the people behind these statistics—those using drugs each day—are ready for treatment to start a new life in recovery, they must first go through detoxification. Quality drug detox centers in Broward County FL are available for patients eager to rediscover their own lives.

Recovery Starts at Drug Detox Centers in Broward County FL

Clinician talking to a client at one of the detox centers in Broward County FLTo truly recover from drug or alcohol abuse, patients must go through a professionally directed and medically monitored drug detox program. This first step into rehabilitation cleanses the body of negative substances, particularly the drugs or alcohol being used.

A drug detox program in Broward County cleans the brain and all body systems of abused chemicals. This is sometimes accomplished naturally through proper nutrition, time without the use of drugs and medications as needed. As part of the process, the body and brain must work to readjust to normalcy. This is the reversal of adjustments made when drugs were first being introduced into the body’s systems. As the body and brain adjust and normalize, withdrawal symptoms appear.

How a Drug Detox Program in Broward County Initiates Recovery

Getting sober is the first step in recovery. Although you can detox through “cold turkey” methods at home, we do not recommend it. After prolonged drug or alcohol use, withdrawal side effects can lead to dangerous and even life-threatening circumstances. While the symptoms of withdrawal from drugs aren’t usually deadly, people do die each year from situations surrounding unsupervised detox.

Enlisting the help of accredited drug detox centers in Broward County FL ensures patients are comfortable and safe. Medical monitoring and nourishment takes place in a detox Broward County offers during this life-changing process. The effects of detox can vary widely from person to person. Individual drug history, health conditions, genetics, the severity of addiction and other factors determine how patients’ bodies react to the absence of their drug of choice.

At drug detox centers in Broward County FL Individual treatment plans ensure adherence to individual patients’ needs. Regardless of individual circumstances, a quality detox program meets the following needs of each patient:

  • Easing of withdrawal symptoms
  • Maintenance of patient dignity
  • Prevention of medical problems
  • Preparation for rehab and addiction recovery services
  • Provision of peace of mind for loved ones

A drug detox program is the safest means of “getting clean” for entry into a rehab program. There, patients explore why they started using drugs in the first place, gain coping skills to overcome cravings and temptation, learn to handle their triggers, rebuild relationships, develop hope for their future and educate themselves on relapse prevention.

Serenity House Detox & Recovery in Broward County

If you or someone you love needs a drug detox program in Broward County, Serenity House Detox & Recovery awaits. Located in Fort Lauderdale, Serenity House Detox & Recovery is very convenient to people from surrounding communities or those flying into Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The second location of Serenity House Detox & Recovery in Jupiter provides another peaceful, safe, comfortable environment for detoxification before rehab. In both locations, patients are provided with the support, guidance, nourishment and a medical detox program they need to best endure withdrawal and physical cleansing.

The help you need for is available now in Broward County. If you or your loved one are ready for recovery from addiction, call Serenity House Detox & Recovery today at 866-294-5306.