Detoxification is defined as removal of harmful substances (or their effects) from the body. People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol must go through medical detox in a drug detox center Ft Lauderdale trusts, in order to be ready to start rehabilitation from their physical dependence on the substance of abuse. Until their body is free of the influence and symptoms of drug or alcohol use, it’s virtually impossible for individuals to address the root cause, effects and nature of their addiction in rehab.

How a Drug Detox Center Helps

The Important Facts about Checking In To A Detox Center Ft LauderdaleA drug detox center Ft Lauderdale residents trust will provide patients with the guidance, support, medical supervision and comfort needed to safely enter sobriety after prolonged substance abuse. A drug detox center provides the following detox center services for patients seeking to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol:

Once detoxification is complete, the patient is ready and able to enter short or long term drug rehab. This next step is very important to ensure relapse doesn’t occur.

Entry Into a Drug Detox Center Ft Lauderdale

When a patient first enters a drug detox center, an intake assessment is conducted. Through conversation with the individual, the intake manager explains the program and how it works. Paperwork must be completed and there are usually multiple questions about the individual’s drug or alcohol use, so treatment planning can take place.

It’s very important for patients to be open and honest in answering questions and completing paperwork at the drug detox center. It’s from these answers that the individual’s detox plan is developed. If details are left out, the result can lead to health complications, improper medications and a less-than-adequate detoxification.

Overcoming drugs or alcohol at at a medical drug detox center in Florida isn’t mean a painful or uncomfortable experience, unlike the misconceptions many people have about the process. Through a quality program, detox is made as safe, comfortable and as stress free as possible.

When a patient enters a drug detox center, a treatment plan is developed and tailored to the unique needs of that patient. Such individual needs may include physical, emotional or psychological considerations.

As previously stated, detox is only effective when it’s the first step toward rehab. Without the treatment services and detox center therapies available in a rehabilitative program, relapse is almost inevitable for patients who have successfully detoxed. Why? Because addiction is the result of underlying issues that led to alcohol or drug dependence. It’s not the problem itself. Detox provides entry into rehab where underlying issues are treated, which ensures patients have a real chance of lifelong recovery.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 335 people were studied through detox and into their lives following successful cleansing of drugs or alcohol from their body. Without rehab, 58% of these patients returned to using narcotics while a startling 8% died or were imprisoned as a result of their returning addiction. These statistics clearly demonstrate why being treated through a quality, evidence-based rehab program is so important to ensure healthy, long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Trust A Florida Drug Detox Center for A Real Chance of Recovery

When you or someone you love needs drug or alcohol addiction treatment, detox is the first step toward recovery. Serenity House Detox & Recovery Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter, Florida provides a safe, comfortable environment in which to detox under expert medical supervision.

The help you need to reach lasting recovery is available now. To begin on your path to recovery, call Serenity House Detox & Recovery Florida at 866-294-5306.