When you’re starting to think seriously about quitting the drug you’re struggling with, concern about the symptoms of withdrawal stops you. Are they as bad as the movies make them look? Is there a way to undergo a detox process without discomfort? Your questions answered here.

Understanding What’s Behind the Symptoms

When discussing symptoms of withdrawal, you envision drenching sweats, hallucinations, and seedy apartments. In reality, they are little more than signs that your body is eliminating a foreign substance and regaining equilibrium. It’s interesting to note that withdrawing from a depressant like alcohol can result in heightened stimulation and insomnia. If you’ve been taking stimulants like cocaine, you may experience sudden fatigue and lack of energy.

Symptoms of Withdrawal can be Dangerous and Cause Recovery Failure

There’s no doubt that some symptoms can be severe depending on your overall health and length of drug use. That said, within a medically supervised environment, professionals provide medications to keep you comfortable and safe. When you decide to stop using a substance in this kind of detox setting, you also enjoy higher rates of success. If you are trying to detox at home without medication and the discomfort gets too intense, you might be tempted to use again. In a detox center the 24/7 supervision helps you avoid that particular temptation.

How Professionals Help You in a Medically Supervised Setting

The Symptoms of Withdrawal from Drugs May Through Her Into Despair

Medical detox has a two fold purpose–it keeps your body safe, and it eases discomfort. In the process, you don’t lose your resolve to continue your recovery efforts. But did you know that each drug type has its own set of symptoms?

  • Alcohol. When visiting a detox facility to stop an alcohol use disorder, professionals will assess your well being often. There is the danger of suffering seizures, strokes, or heart attacks. With the help of Valium as well as secondary medications, depending on your needs, it’s possible to counteract these dangers.
  • Prescription and illegal opiates. You’ll find heroin, oxycodone, opium, and hydrocodone in this group. Prescription names include Percocet, OxyContin, and Vicodin. The intensity of the cravings makes this a carefully monitored detox situation. Experts combine the use of Buprenorphine with biofeedback, nutrition boosts, and medications as needed to provide comfort.
  • Barbiturates or prescription opioids. These types of drugs include Xanax, Ambien, and Lunesta. Removing them from the body can result in flu-like symptoms, panic attacks, cramping, and the possibility of seizures. Ativan is a medication that drastically lowers your risk of suffering seizures. It also helps with feeling more comfortable.
  • Stimulants. Withdrawal from cocaine, methamphetamines, and similar uppers may cause hallucinations, strokes, and seizures. Medical professionals have had excellent success with the use of Baclofen to prevent them.

There is More to Detox than Just Dealing with Symptoms of Withdrawal

Although your physical and psychological well-being are the primary focus points for professionals at a detox facility, there’s more to the experience. In the right setting, you’ll enjoy a non-judgmental and nurturing environment. Therapists use evidence-based treatments to stabilize your emotions as well as your overall health. Moreover, they assist you to think long-term about your recovery and select the ideal rehab facility to continue the journey.

Individualized treatment approaches are of the utmost importance. An introduction to the 12-step principles helps you gain a vision for life after drugs or alcohol. Goal setting and trigger identification round out a well-designed detox experience. Against this kind of backdrop, you have excellent odds of succeeding in becoming drug-free.

Don’t Allow Fear to Stand in Your Way of Recovery

If you’re still afraid of suffering from symptoms of withdrawal, talk to the friendly experts at Serenity House Detox & Recovery about your addiction and recovery. They’ve helped many folks – just like you – overcome a physical dependence on a variety of drugs. Dial 866-294-5306 today to get started!