Crumpling over a drink may mean you need alcohol detox center to start addiction recovery

More than three-quarters of all adults in the United States consume alcohol. While drinking alcohol is incredibly common, many men and women still struggle with substance abuse and alcoholism. If you want to work toward recovery, then an alcohol detox center program is the first step. Get to know the process of detox, some of the most significant challenges and how Serenity House Detox & Recovery can guide you to a lifetime of sober recovery.

Pave the Way to Lifelong Recovery

Alcohol detox is the process of detoxifying the body. Alcohol is a toxin that can cause problems for the body, mainly when it is consumed chronically or in large amounts. For those who are addicted to alcohol, detox is a necessary step in the alcohol addiction treatment and recovery process.

There is often a wide range of factors that led to alcoholism in the first place. These factors may include genetic makeup, mental health concerns or a history of trauma. However, none of these issues can be adequately addressed until detox is complete.

A detox is like wiping the slate clean from the long term effects of alcohol. It breaks clients free from their alcohol dependence. Once that happens, clients can start to focus on the emotional or behavioral reliance they have on alcohol. If you’re serious about ending an addiction to alcohol, then a high-quality alcohol detox center program is necessary.

What to Expect From an Alcohol Detox Center Program

A lot of people shy away from the idea of detox because they don’t know what to expect. While detox facilities can vary quite a bit, the goal is always to ensure that clients are safe and in a sober environment. At Serenity House Detox & Recovery, there is also an effort to keep clients comfortable and happy.

The primary objective of alcohol detox is to stop clients from drinking. That means complete abstinence. There is rarely any need to taper off alcohol. Instead, clients end consumption all at once when they arrive at the detox facility.

Once the detox begins, clients will typically experience some symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. While these can be unpleasant, medical professionals keep clients safe while going through the alcohol withdrawal timeline. Anything concerning is monitored, and there are plenty of tools and resources available to minimize discomfort.

Benefits of a Medically Supervised Alcohol Detox

Trying to complete a detox on your own is rarely a smart decision. An alcohol detox center program can offer medical support around the clock, which is a necessity at this stage of recovery. While not everyone will experience severe withdrawal symptoms, they are possible. The whole process is safer when medical professionals monitor the stages of alcohol detox.

Some clients who begin detox may already struggle with preexisting medical concerns. Rather than letting these fester, a full medical intake assessment will identify, diagnose and treat any significant medical problems.

Specific withdrawal symptoms can be more than just uncomfortable. These severe symptoms require medical attention so that there is no unnecessary suffering or pain. Some clients might also develop psychological symptoms that can pose a danger to themselves or others. Medical staff can address those symptoms as they appear to protect everyone involved.

Typical Alcohol Detox Timeline

Similar to the alcohol detox symptoms an individual experiences, the exact alcohol withdrawal timeline is different for every single client. However, most people enrolled in an alcohol detox center program will follow the same steps in roughly the same order. Detox starts the minute a person stops drinking alcohol. In just eight hours, the first mild withdrawal symptoms might appear.

These symptoms can increase in intensity over two or three days. After approximately 72 hours, they tend to reach a peak. After that point, symptoms will decrease and taper off. An average alcohol detox will last fewer than 10 days.

Completing Alcohol Detox at Serenity House Detox & Recovery Ft. Lauderdale

With detox locations in Ft Lauderdale, Serenity House Detox & Recovery offers a high-quality alcohol detox center program. The focus is on providing clients with a long-term plan that leads to lifelong sobriety. To accomplish that goal, a wide range of detox therapies, treatments, and amenities are available. Just some of these include the following:

Alcohol detox is a necessary first step on the road to recovery. Serenity House Detox & Recovery is the right place to start that journey, thanks to two Florida locations in Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter. Call 866-294-5306 to begin working toward sobriety today.

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