Detox and rehab centers combine several therapy types during treatment. Combining high-quality detox therapies allows them to provide patients with personalized care. Understanding each of these therapies makes entering a treatment plan easier. Individual therapy is one method that nearly all treatment centers use.

Individual Therapy Overview

Two women, one a therapist conduct individual therapy.Group therapy isn’t the best fit for every patient, so one-on-one sessions are an alternative. This cooperative process involves just one patient and one therapist. Some detox and rehab centers use it as a way to prepare patients for group therapy.

In private, the therapists educate the patients about addiction. The patients discuss their experiences, feelings, and thoughts. The counselors listen and provide feedback without judgment or criticism. They also don’t tell patients what to do.

Instead, they focus on finding out the cause of addiction and help their patients address the root problem. Over time, the patients learn techniques to manage and cope with addiction and to avoid relapse.

Therapy Techniques

Counselors use various techniques during individual therapy. Some of these include motivational interviewing and relapse prevention training. However, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most common, evidence-based method.

Using CBT, counselors use structure to help patients identify destructive thinking and triggers. Then, patients learn skills that change their thinking. In turn, their behaviors and emotions become more constructive. Patients also learn to avoid triggers, which helps them avoid relapse.

Therapy Goals

In the beginning, individual therapy focuses on how to stop using drugs. It also involves addressing the issues that addiction has caused and learning strategies to remain sober. Later, the therapy focuses more on the emotional issues that patients have.

After detox and rehab, one-on-one therapy can be a strategy that people use to maintain sobriety. The counselors help them see the role that drugs play as self-medication. They can also provide guidance on how to cope with situations that suddenly make people want to use again.

Therapy Session Structure

There’s no set mold or pattern for individual therapy sessions. Each session goes according to what each patient needs. However, the first session usually involves therapists assessing their patients’ motivations. They also work together to determine the overall goals for therapy.

One session might touch on several topics, but the main focus is whatever preoccupies the patients’ minds. For instance, counselors might ask a series of questions to those who need help finding the motivation to recover. They may also help patients discover obstacles to recovery and goals for the future.

Most therapy sessions end with the therapists and patients agreeing on the goals for their next few days. These goals may include remaining sober, trying a new activity or going to support meetings. Furthermore, most counselors give patients homework in between sessions. Some examples include keeping a journal and reading addiction-related materials.

Therapy Benefits

Detox patients get many benefits out of one-on-one therapy. Although they’ll receive counseling in rehab, getting it during detox strengthens the foundation for ongoing recovery. It gives them a private place to work on sensitive or tough problems when they’re most vulnerable. This privacy is ideal for people who feel intense emotional pain, guilt or shame.

Compared to group therapy, one-on-one sessions allow counselors to give patients their undivided attention. With this extra support, patients can dig deeper into their problems and make progress faster. They also don’t have to listen to other people talk about their problems. That’s a bonus for people who find that annoying.

Serenity House Detox & Recovery Provides One-on-One Therapy

If you suffer from addiction, getting help is your top priority. As part of a comprehensive approach to detox, Serenity House Detox & Recovery offers individual therapy. Our goal is to strengthen your foundation for recovery as you prepare for rehab.

Our therapists can provide treatment for various addictions. We offer life-changing Florida detox center services, including:

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