Worried woman may need an oxycodone detox center progamPrescription drug abuse is a national crisis. At the forefront, you find opioid painkillers. Oxycodone, which you might know under the brand name OxyContin, is a major player. An oxycodone detox center Ft Lauderdale residents trust is necessary to overcome an oxycodone addiction.

How Oxycodone Hooks Its Users

Oxycodone is a nervous system depressant. It interrupts the body’s ability to send pain signals to the brain. As such, it’s a highly effective pain pill. But something happens while you’re taking this medication.

Whether you started taking the drug as a legitimate prescription or popped it for the high, the result’s the same. Your body develops a tolerance. Therefore, you increase the dose. Eventually, the chemicals rewrite your brain chemistry.

When you realize the danger you’re in, you want to quit. However, your body reacts with opioid withdrawal symptoms. An oxycodone detox center program helps you deal with them. Without this help, you’ll likely relapse because of the intense discomfort.

What Happens at an Oxycodone Detox Center?

Your body’s regaining equilibrium. It doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s an unpleasant process. Withdrawal symptoms may be equal to those a heroin user experiences.

Examples include body aches, gastrointestinal upset, psychological problems, and tremors. In moderate cases, you might feel like you’re enduring a severe case of the flu. More intense opioid addictions respond with pain that requires medical intervention. Pain management during withdrawal is part of medical supervision at an oxycodone detox center program.

How Long Does a Typical Oxycodone Detox Take?

Everyone’s different. As a result, your experience may vary from that of someone else in the program. However, there are some generalizations. For example, most people experience the onset of withdrawal symptoms within 12 hours of taking the last dose.

It gets progressively worse for the next three days. Medical professionals monitor you very closely during this period of oxycodone detox. They can administer stabilizing medications right away if needed. Doing so protects you from the urge to relapse.

Starting at about day four, you feel markedly better. You hesitate to admit it to yourself, but you feel like you can quit. A standard oxycodone detox center program suggests that you stay at the facility for about seven days. Even though you may not require any additional pain medication, the therapists want to monitor your progress.

Treatment Options Prepare You for Discharge after Successful Detoxification

Right now, it’s difficult to believe that you can kick an oxycodone habit in about a week. Ending the physiological dependency is the hardest part of lifelong recovery. You have to step out on faith that a group of addiction treatment experts can help you. Here are the types of treatments they might use:

  • A medical detox program for monitoring throughout the experience to ensure that your vitals remain stable and you don’t suffer pain
  • Individual therapy that encourages goal-setting and long-term planning
  • Group therapy sessions for addiction education and community support
  • Family therapy that brings in loved ones to support your decision to quit
  • A holistic approach to treatments, which promote your physiological and emotional health

These modalities work together to help you quit using. Moreover, they give you a vision for how you’ll stay sober in the long run. When you know how to handle oxycodone cravings in the future, you’re ready to deal with them. Because you’ve interacted with peers in recovery, you also feel comfortable with relapse prevention through accountability to others in the group.

Why You Can’t Just Quit Cold-Turkey

Some people try to avoid participation in an oxycodone detox. Asking for help embarrasses them. They try to quit on their own. Usually, it doesn’t work.

As we’ve already discussed, the withdrawal symptoms can be intense. They can persuade you to start back up with the oxycodone. Now, taking the same dose that you did before can harm you. Don’t put yourself at this risk.

Handle your oxycodone detox with the help of detox programs in FL, specialists who see you through the rough spots. At Serenity House Detox & Recovery, you spend a week away to overcome the physical addiction. When you return home, your body no longer suffers from painful withdrawal symptoms. Call 866-294-5306 today to check in.