addiction rehab centers - 2 young men talkingInformation About Addiction Rehab Centers

The most positive first step into recovery from addiction is to go through medical detox in a licensed, accredited detox facility. Once sobriety is achieved through withdrawal, you then must make the decision of whether you continue your treatment at one of the many addiction rehab centers available where you can address the underlying causes of your addiction, hopefully to prevent relapse in the future. Together, medical detox and addiction rehab centers are able to provide a complete, sustainable approach to recovery for lifelong sobriety and wellness.

The First Step Before Addiction Rehab Centers: Detox

In detox, patients purge drugs or alcohol from their bodies in a safe, controlled environment. Because addiction changes how the body and brain function, these changes must be reversed when substance abuse abruptly ends. While the body and brain are readjusting, patients experience many side effects of withdrawal. Although these side effects are evidence of life improvement and a return to wellness, they can be highly uncomfortable.

The biggest issue when detox is completed is whether patients will continue with treatment in addiction rehab centers, or whether they will try to sustain recovery on their own. This is a big decision, luckily one that clarity of sobriety can help them make intelligently and in their own best interest. The detox facility is supportive in helping patients forge a pathway to lifelong recovery by counseling them in their decision-making and referring patients to appropriate programs that meet their personal recovery needs.

How Detox Prepares Patients for Addiction Rehab Centers’ Treatment

Patients generally understand that detox facilities help them gain early recovery through initial sobriety after prolonged substance abuse. There are many ways withdrawal can be approached, including administration of medications to help patients endure the physical, psychological and emotional struggles of becoming clean.

Beyond the well-known purpose of detox for helping patients cleanse themselves of their substance of abuse, detox also prepares patients for treatment in addiction rehab centers. This preparation for addiction rehab centers treatment includes better nutrition for readiness for what is next in their lives.

In detox, it’s important that the facility provides patients with good nutrition, nutritional supplements, healthy hydration and other services for overall wellness. Addiction has taken an immense toll on patients’ bodies by the time they reach detox. Their lifestyle, eating and general health choices have suffered. In detox, medical staff have the opportunity to help patients replenish the nutrients their bodies need.

Through better nutrition as withdrawal is occurring, patients’ bodies can better endure the detox process. Good food also provides resilience so the body can start returning to normal. Nutrients are, after all, the building blocks for the body. Diets in detox should include plenty of protein-rich foods, fiber and complex carbohydrates in a primarily “clean” approach to eating.

When patients are making the decision of whether to continue into rehab, they will feel better and have more energy to engage deeply in treatment than before entering the detox facility. Patients will also notice a healthier appetite, reduced cravings, clearer thought processes and better overall wellness after eating well during their transition into a sober life.

Serenity House Detox & Recovery Is a Healthy, Supported and Safe First Step Into Recovery

When addiction recovery is the top priority, gaining help from a medical detox facility that understands the importance of a complete approach to sobriety is critical. Patients of Serenity House Detox & Recovery are supervised 24/7 by licensed and certified addiction specialists and medical professionals, ensuring not just comfort but overall wellness from the beginning to the end of their withdrawal phase. Excellent nutrition is provided at Serenity House Detox & Recovery, with a strong focus on helping patients rebuild their physical bodies as they are cleansing them of long-abused substances.

When detox is complete through this Joint Commission-accredited program, patients are counseled to help them understand their position in early recovery. They are guided through the decision making processes of “next steps,” whether or not that includes continued progress for sustainable recovery in one of the center’s partner addiction rehab centers.

If you or someone you love are ready to gain the clarity to make the right, healthy decisions in your life and start down the road of recovery, call Serenity House Detox & Recovery now at 866-294.5306.