Many Florida detox centers like to provide comprehensive treatment that includes therapy. They combine several types so that patients learn a range of skills to achieve and maintain sobriety. This approach also strengthens the foundation for recovery. Along with individual and family therapy options, group therapy is an effective element of addiction treatment.

Understanding Group Therapy

Group therapy is standard during detox and addiction treatment.As a broad form of therapy, group counseling involves a counselor leading two or more people in sessions. Sometimes there’s more than one counselor in the group. The people receiving therapy don’t usually have a prior relationship. Most of the time, their first meeting is at the detox center or during their first session.

The goal of group therapy is to reduce addiction symptoms and support recovery for each participant. Along with support from counselors, the members receive community support from each other.

Therapy Models

There are five models of group counseling that the best detox centers might use. Cognitive behavioral therapy groups teach patients life skills and how to change negative thinking. By changing how they think, they can also change negative behaviors.

Interpersonal process groups promote healing through an understanding of how the brain works. It focuses on unresolved childhood issues that lead to unhealthy coping skills. Resolving these problems allows people to improve their decision-making skills.

Psychoeducational groups focus on addiction education. The members also receive information about the effects of destructive behaviors. They might listen to audio or watch videos or lectures for the information.

Skill development groups provide educational material depending on the specific needs of the members. Support groups offer encouragement and understanding. The participants share experiences and help each other solve problems.

Therapy Phases

Group therapy progresses in three main stages. In the first phase, the members gather and learn the structure of the sessions. They also learn the group objectives and rules.

The second stage lasts for the majority of the therapy. The therapists use techniques to achieve the group goals. During this time, the members form meaningful bonds and give each other support.

In the third phase, the counselors lead the group to a close. The end of therapy happens gradually so that the members can recognize the goals that they’ve reached. The members also have time to address any sadness or anxiety about the group ending.

How Therapy Sessions Work

During detox, therapists typically hold group therapy sessions a few times a week. Each session lasts about one hour. The members may gather in a closed room or in an open outdoor area.

Sessions might open with the counselors asking who wants to share or talk. Knowing how many people want to talk helps them divide up the time. Then, each member has a limited amount of time to share. They have to abide by that restriction so that everyone has the chance to talk.

However, the overall format for group counseling depends on the therapy model. For instance, some therapists might wait until the last 15 minutes to ask members to share their thoughts. Like other therapy types, the counselors might give the members a project to complete before the next meeting.

Therapy Benefits

Knowing that others go through similar problems and experiences is beneficial to many detox patients. It reminds them that they aren’t alone. It also gives them the chance to share information and help one another in ways that therapists can’t. This peer support during detox therapies can boost self-esteem and reduce guilt.

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