Having Anthem Health Insurance is definitely a benefit toward your best chances of gaining sustainable, long-term recovery from drug addiction. When you’re insured through a quality health care policy in America today, you likely have some coverage for both medical detox and rehab treatment.

Anthem Health Insurance Pays for Detox and Rehab

Woman on the phone with Anthem Health Insurance for detoxIn the last decade, so many changes have occurred in the health insurance landscape. Patients are now able to gain coverage for access to treatments they once had to pay out of pocket. These treatments include medical detox for drug addiction and subsequent rehab.

It was during 2010 that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) most significantly improved how insurance covers addiction treatment. This act amplified benefits already improved through the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA). These two acts work together, along with the American Medical Association’s recognition of addiction as a legitimate disease, to provide patients with Anthem Health Insurance with easier access to drug detox and rehab.

Anthem Health Insurance is a brand under the well-known Blue Cross Blue Shield umbrella that serves over 70 million Americans. Half of these insured patients hold Anthem Health Insurance, specifically. Like BCBS, Anthem has a significant presence in the US, providing its patients with access to addiction treatment services including:

As with any insurance brand, how much individual policies cover under Anthem Health Insurance varies according to the policy’s specific inclusions. Some insurance companies may cover individuals or services differently, depending on where they live and their policy coverage.

Finding Out How Much Your Anthem Health Insurance Will Pay

Before entering medical detox, the first step into early recovery for patients with addiction, you will need to have your insurance policy verified by the detox facility. They will provide insight into the level of coverage you have for detox and rehab, as well as whether you must cover any expenses out-of-pocket. You will also go through an addiction assessment to establish a medical need for addiction treatment, starting in detox.

When you’re ready to enter drug rehab using your Anthem Health Insurance, simply call the detox center with your insurance card in hand. Calling the detox facility is the easiest way to find out your coverage for your addiction treatment. This is free assistance you can take advantage of for the information you need.

You may have questions you need to ask the addiction specialist when having your insurance verified. Some of those questions may include:

  • Will Anthem pay for medical detox?
  • What level of care will Anthem support for subsequent rehab?
  • How much will I have to pay out-of-pocket?
  • How long will I stay in the detox facility?
  • Can the detox facility refer me to a quality rehab partner that accepts Anthem insurance for recovery treatment?

Anthem Insurance Accepted for Medical Detox

Serenity House Detox & Recovery, with two locations in Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter, Florida, accepts Anthem insurance and provides Joint Commission-accredited medical detox for the highest standard of patient support and care during withdrawal. In this facility, patients can gain medication support without risk of secondary addiction, making detox easier, safer and more comfortable than non-medical or home detox.

If you or someone you love are ready to detox from addiction to drugs or alcohol, Serenity House Detox & Recovery in Florida provides a multitude of programs suited to a wide range of addictions. Getting through withdrawal is the scariest phase of recovery, one that most patients fear so much that they delay the recovery treatment they really want and deserve. Medical detox ensures a less difficult experience than detox without medical supervision.

Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery now at 866.294.5306 for more information and to verify your Anthem insurance policy. Don’t wait to make this call, because your future begins anew at Serenity House Detox & Recovery.