How can Florida detox help me with my drug addiction? Florida is one of the most historic, beautiful, and interesting states in the union. Florida is home to beautiful cities and unique natural environments. But what some people don’t know is that Florida has a drug problem. By virtue of being close to drug producing areas, and having miles and miles of sometimes unprotected shoreline, Florida has become a target for drug traffickers. Not only that, but Florida has become a hub for prescription drug trafficking with the creation of “pill mills,” locations where licit pills are bought and sold illegally. All this has resulted in Florida having high rates of addiction, alcoholism, and drug related crime. But Florida detox can help people fighting addiction. Click here to read how life is worth living without drugs and alcohol in your life.

Prescription Pill Detox for Florida

One of the biggest problems in Florida is prescription pill addiction. While the exact reasons for this may be hard to determine, many law enforcement officials believe that Florida’s lack of prescription regulation may be to blame. The state’s underfunded prescription database doesn’t have the reach to track what prescriptions are actually being written. For that reason, almost anyone can walk in off the street to a Florida pain clinic, get a medical examination, and then receive a prescription for a powerful medication. Doctors in Florida write 10 times as many prescriptions for painkillers as any other state. With that kind of access to prescription drugs, it’s no wonder that Floridians have a massive problem with prescription drugs. Click here to learn more about Florida’s prescription drug problem.

The Many Faces of Florida Drug Addiction

Painkillers aren’t the only addiction that Florida struggles with. Cocaine, hallucinogens, methamphetamine, and alcohol are also abused in Florida. For those struggling with addiction, our center for affordable Florida detox for addiction can be a wonderful place to take the next step towards recovery.

Florida Detox Can Help You Take Back Control

Are you struggling with addiction in Florida? Serenity House Detox & Recovery an affordable Florida detox for addiction. With skilled staff and a stunning Fort Lauderdale location, Serenity House Detox & Recovery is the ideal environment in which to get away from bad influences and to flush drugs out of your system. Read about the importance of getting clean here at our center offering affordable Florida Detox for Addiction. Take the next step on the road to recovery with Serenity House Detox & Recovery.

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