Your addiction’s out of control. You’ve tried to quit on your own, but you can’t do it. There’s no shame in that. Enrolling in a men’s detox center that Florida offers is the better option. Serenity House Detox & Recovery has a men’s detox center that Fort Lauderdale residents can trust.

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Why Not Just Pick a Run-of-the-Mill Unisex Program?

two men joyful in recovery at the men's detox centerThere are plenty of unisex detox programs out there. Can they meet your needs? These programs discount the fact that men and women are different. Both genders have various reasons for using substances, and drug use can affect each in unique ways.

Of course, you don’t have to choose a single-sex facility to benefit from a men’s detox center program. Instead, work with a facility that offers a targeted detox program for men as well as one for women. You receive the specialized attention you need to overcome a physiological dependency. Moreover, you set goals for continued sober recovery.

What Goes into the Creation of a Florida Men’s Detox Center?

It starts with the understanding that men have unique needs. SAMHSA officials explain that men are more likely to abuse drugs than women. Figures suggest that about 12.8 percent of men struggle with substance abuse. Approximately 10.7% acknowledge dependency.

In many cases, the underlying mental health conditions factor into the development of drug addiction. Examples might include depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Nevertheless, with the possible exception of PTSD, many men don’t seek treatment for mood disorders. They might instead self-medicate.

For example, a man might feel markedly uncomfortable around people. If he were to seek psychiatric treatment, he might receive an anxiety diagnosis. But he doesn’t look for help. Instead, he has a few drinks to loosen up.

Eventually, these few drinks become a large quantity of alcohol. By and large, society approves of a man who can drink alcohol and not show its effects. People call this the ability to hold your liquor. In reality, it’s a sign of tolerance building, which could be a precursor to alcohol addiction.

This is just one example that highlights the importance of a dedicated men’s drug detox center in Ft. Lauderdale. You need to work with addiction treatment specialists who recognize what you’re going through. They won’t hesitate to assess you for co-occurring disorders. Moreover, they’ll be able to explain to you what you need to do to prevent relapse.

A Men’s Detox Center Ft. Lauderdale Trusts to Break a Physiological Addiction

Your body insists that you need the drug or alcohol to survive. Logically, you know that’s not true. However, your body uses withdrawal symptoms to persuade you to start using substances again. At a detox program for men, you receive the help you need to quit, despite withdrawal symptoms.

Men’s alcohol detox in Ft. Lauderdale is the initial step for getting a handle on your substance abuse problem. No matter how out of control it seems, a men’s detox center in Ft Lauderdale, Florida can help you make changes. You might feel apprehensive about going into treatment. After all, you don’t know what to expect.

That’s why peer group counseling sessions are of vital importance. They introduce you to peers in the same boat. Other modalities you might find at a detox program for men include:

  • Medical supervision of the withdrawal process to ensure a pain-free experience
  • Talk therapy where you set goals, plan for lifelong sobriety and focus on your next move
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that benefits men with co-occurring conditions
  • Meditation therapy as a means for relaxation and stress reduction training
  • Family therapy that brings in loved ones to become your support network

A good-quality men’s detox center program would be incomplete without a few challenges. Therapists build on your innate strengths and challenge you to go after your personal growth. At the same time, they encourage you to continue with treatment, even if it seems harsh. You get an ideal mix of back-up and care.

Don’t Waste Another Day with Drug Abuse

A detox program for men could be the catalyst for entirely new life experiences. Don’t you owe it to yourself to make a change? The experts at Serenity House Detox & Recovery want to assist you every step of the way. We offer detox services for a range of substance abuse conditions, including:

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