A Cocaine Addiction May Take Him Where He Needs RecoveryCocaine addiction can be difficult to face. When cocaine abuse gets out of control, drug users may discover their relationships, careers, and even their lives are at risk. No matter how long the cocaine abuse has been going on, though, turning away from it and towards a sober lifestyle is always an option. The journey to sobriety starts with understanding the addiction and going through a medical detox program.

How Cocaine Addiction Gets Out Of Control

A cocaine addiction forms after continuous misuse of the drug. Typically, users who first take cocaine experience immediate effects that, in most cases, feel good, such as euphoria, alertness, and hypersensitivity. These effects occur because cocaine forces dopamine to stay in the brain longer than normal. This blocks communication in the central nervous system and causes a high. Over time, though, the brain will counteract the cocaine intake and achieving that same high will require using more of the drug.

Eventually, the body will become used to the cocaine intake. When that happens, users will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms anytime they go without cocaine for too long. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can start immediately after use is stopped and can affect people for months. Withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Agitation
  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Discomfort
  • Nightmares
  • Increased Appetite

Although none of these withdrawal symptoms are life-threatening, they can be incredibly uncomfortable. So much so that people find it easier to continue their cocaine abuse than stop their drug use. Those who do continue cocaine use typically form an addiction, which means that they’ll continue the drug use regardless of the consequences involved. Cocaine addiction gets out of control when the drug use starts having a negative impact on their lives.

Why Detoxing Is The First Step In Managing Cocaine Addiction

When someone starts any sort of addiction treatment, they need to go through a detox program. A cocaine detox center in Florida can help cleanse the body of any drugs that are still in a patient’s system. Patients who don’t go through detox before entering the next stage of treatment put themselves at a great risk for relapse, as detoxing involves working through withdrawal.

There are treatment centers that focus on helping patients work through the detox process. At these centers, patients are put in direct contact with medical professionals that understand cocaine addiction and are able to help patients through the process in both mental and physical ways. They’re able to prescribe medication, educate patients on addiction, and offer support during the more intense moments of withdrawal. The best detox programs in Florida are focused on the individual, which means that each patient receives one-on-one care during their stay at the treatment center.

Going Through Addiction Treatment Is Always An Option, No Matter How Bad Your Addiction Has Become

Even if abusing cocaine has altered the course of your life, getting sober is always an option. Working through a cocaine detox program is the first step toward lasting sobriety. Through the right detox program, you’ll work with medical professionals through the withdrawal process and learn what you need to in order to transition to the next stage of treatment. It doesn’t matter how long the detox process takes, you can receive the professional help you need.

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