Therapist talking to woman about a holistic approach to detoxAll detox centers are designed to help people through withdrawal. That doesn’t mean that all drug detox centers help patients in the same way, though. Every detox center has a core approach that they use in order to help patients through withdrawal and with other parts of addiction recovery. A holistic approach to detox often provides the best mix of programs and care that can help you or a loved one start your recovery right.

What Is A Holistic Approach To Detox?

The holistic approach to detox involves healing the body, the mind, and the spirit at the same time. The idea is to treat the full person instead of focusing on just one part. This helps the individual move toward complete health, not just partial health, and keeps the person feeling balanced once they’ve completed detox and rehab.

Holistic detox centers usually offer some complementary programs that are designed to help patients relax. These programs may also help individuals get in touch with their true selves. These programs can also teach patients how to cope with stress without turning back to drug use. Some of the programs that appear in a holistic approach to detox include:

  • Dance
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exercise Routines

These additional programs are usually experienced alongside traditional treatment programs like one-on-one therapy, group therapy, and other experiential programs. What specific programs a holistic detox center offers will vary depending on the staff and the location of the facility.

How Is A Holistic Approach Different From A Traditional Approach?

Traditional detox centers typically lean towards treatment programs that are tested and proven to work for a majority of patients. Patients are usually put into treatment programs chosen by staff members regardless of individual needs.

Holistic detox focuses on the individual. Instead of using the same inflexible programs as everyone else, patients are given the chance to discover themselves. They speak individually with staff members on a daily basis to talk about how treatment is going, what they’re learning through treatment, and what programs need to be adapted in order to make the healing process more balanced. This allows patients to learn healthy coping skills early in the treatment process and prepares them better for the rest of rehab and recovery.

Detox center programs that focus on more traditional methods of treatment also may not take the time to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for their clients. At these centers, detox is a medical process that requires medication and strict treatment programs. Holistic detox centers are designed to be relaxing. Staff members want their clients to feel comfortable so they can ease through withdrawal and transition into the next stages of treatment as simple as possible. Patients and counselors collaborate on designing the plan they want to adopt for their recovery.

A Holistic Approach To Detox Can Jump Start Your Journey To Sobriety

Where you enter detox matters. A high-quality facility should be able to offer adaptable detox center services, provide you with a comfortable environment, and help you transition into the next stage of addiction treatment. A detox center that focuses on more “cookie-cutter” traditional treatment methods won’t offer you the flexibility and individualization that you need.

Serenity House Detox & Recovery can help you. At our facilities, we offer a holistic approach to treatment that focuses on treating the individual. We understand that you’re unique and we want to help you through the detox process with a personalized addiction treatment plan. When your time with us is coming to an end, we’ll help you transition to the next stage of your own recovery process.

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