example of suboxone pills

How Long Does Suboxone Stay in Your Urine?

Many people who struggle with opiate addiction take Suboxone to get sober. And during your recovery, you may be asked to take a drug test. This means that even though you are in recovery, the Suboxone may negatively affect your drug test. So how long does Suboxone stay in your urine? Below, we will outline what…

doctor discusses advantages of inpatient detox

5 Advantages of Inpatient Detox

One of the hardest things people with addiction have to do is step away from friends, family, and life to focus on their addiction treatment. There’s no doubt that an inpatient detox in Florida can provide you with outstanding opportunities for healing by helping you stop using for good. Yet, inpatient drug detox offers many…

couple creates a relapse prevention plan

How We Create a Relapse Prevention Plan

The goal of addiction therapy is to help a person stop using for good and manage the damage addiction creates. That’s why a relapse prevention plan is such a vital component of the process. The key to remember is that treatment is more than just not using the drug. It’s also about having the tools…

an example of addictive muscle relaxers

Are Muscle Relaxers Addictive?

Are muscle relaxers addictive? Why are muscle relaxers prescribed? There’s a large collection of drugs in the muscle relaxers group. Another word for them is “spasmolytics.” They are also used for pain relief. Someone might use muscle relaxers for conditions such as lower back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, and certain kinds of migraines. The positive…

an example of acupuncture for addiction

Acupuncture for Drug Addiction Treatment

A life of recovery opens the door to many avenues of continued health. Many men and women recovering from substance abuse become their own advocates for better health and well-being. Acupuncture for drug addiction treatment is one way we foster a holistic approach to detox and health. The disease of addiction packs a disintegrating punch,…

men attend a detox center

3 Reasons to Attend a Male Detox Center

Deciding to get help for drug and alcohol addiction is a critical but difficult decision. It is imperative to choose the right treatment center to help you achieve recovery. A male detox in Florida could be the right option for you. It allows you to focus solely on your needs and healing in an environment…

an example of mixing alcohol and antibiotics

Dangers of Mixing Alcohol and Antibiotics

Having a drink when you’re taking antibiotics can be risky. Depending on why you are taking antibiotics, it may lead to a less effective treatment. Sometimes, mixing alcohol and prescriptions becomes a habit and addiction. When this happens, it’s called polysubstance abuse. It’s dangerous and can create numerous health complications depending on what you’re taking.…