ecstasy and alcohol

Mixing Ecstasy and Alcohol

Ecstasy is a state of bliss, being beyond reason and self-control with overwhelming emotions or in a trance. This definition matches the word ecstasy, as well as the drug bearing this name. Many people abuse ecstasy at parties and events each year. But few realize the dangers of mixing ecstasy and alcohol. About Ecstasy Ecstasy,…

vicodin effects

Recognize Vicodin Effects

When you notice subtle signs that someone you love abuses drugs or alcohol, you seek ways to prove your suspicions. Sadly, what we suspect in these cases usually comes true. But by knowing how to recognize Vicodin effects, you help empower your loved one to take the first step forward to recovery programs. Seeing Vicodin…

drug detox while pregnant

How to Go Through Drug Detox While Pregnant

Separately, pregnancy and addiction are delicate topics. If an expecting mother struggles with alcohol or drug dependency, her situation regarding the health of her and her baby becomes complicated. It’s crucial for her to get special drug detox while pregnant. Without compassionate, thorough care, she and her baby are at risk for complications. Possible Complications…

is tramadol addictive

Is Tramadol Addictive?

Every year, millions of people develop an addiction to prescription drugs such as oxycodone. Thankfully, more people know that these painkillers can cause addiction. To counter the problem, though, drug manufacturers make new drugs that have a lower risk for abuse, such as tramadol. Despite that, it’s important to know, is tramadol addictive, before they…