what are benzos

What are Benzos?

Various benzodiazepine medications have FDA approval, which makes it possible for doctors to prescribe them. What are benzos? In simplest terms, they’re tranquilizers. However, in a more sinister twist, they’re also addictive. What are Benzos? You know them under the trade names Xanax, Ativan, or Valium. A doctor might prescribe the medications if you complain…

Can I Really Get Clean If I Do Opiate Detox Without Suboxone?

Opiate Detox Without Suboxone

Anyone dealing with an opiate addiction understands the difficulties of withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms can include painful body aches, a rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure and severe anxiety.  There are few things that can ease the pain over that initial period of opiate withdrawal. An opiate detox without Suboxone may be preferred by some patients. However, this…