woman enjoys a salad, which aids her detox

The Effect Nutrition Has on Detox

At Serenity House Detox Florida in West Palm Beach, Florida, you can create a new beginning. This process starts with ridding your body of toxic substances and understanding the connection between food and addiction. As a luxury detox center, we use nutrition therapy to provide excellent cuisine to nourish your body and replace what alcohol…

woman indulges in holistic detox program

What is Holistic Detox?

When you have an alcohol or drug use disorder, it skews every part of your life. Your addiction has a range of spiritual, mental, and physical impacts. So, an effective drug detox program has to account for the entire person. With holistic therapy, we introduce programs that help you develop other interests and focus on your…

woman enjoys her luxury detox center

What Amenities Are in a Luxury Detox Center?

At Serenity House Detox Florida, you can get your life back and prepare for a long-term recovery program. Our luxury detox center provides a comfortable setting and many amenities so that you can concentrate on overcoming addiction. Learn about different types of detox centers and how we can help rid your body of addictive substances by calling…

woman meditates to aid her addiction recovery

How Meditation Can Aid Recovery

The addicted brain lives in a state of imbalance due to chemicals that rewire the mind during substance misuse. Meditation therapy can help you develop mindfulness, a form of awareness where you slow your thoughts and feelings and examine them objectively. At Serenity House Detox Florida in West Palm Beach, our meditation therapy program helps you enter…

an example of a painkiller that leads to addiction

What Drugs Are Classified as Painkillers?

At Serenity House Detox Florida, we provide tailored programs to clients with substance use disorders. Our painkiller detox program focuses on the needs of those with a physical dependency on opiate painkillers. Whether your painkiller addiction resulted from drugs prescribed to you or through other means, we can help you clear your body of toxic substances and…

woman participates in addiction counseling

The Basics of Addiction Counseling

Serenity House Detox Florida in West Palm Beach offers clients the benefit of a dedicated detox center. We create a firm foundation for you to move on to addiction therapy. Learning more about addiction therapy can help you make the most of your experience in detox. For more information on what to expect, contact Serenity House…

woman realized she needs methadone detox

When Do I Need Methadone Detox?

If you have a methadone addiction, you need to find a methadone detox program to help you overcome your dependence right away. Trying to quit on your own often leads to severe withdrawal symptoms that may endanger your health and safety. At Serenity House Detox Florida in West Palm Beach, we have a luxury drug detox…

group therapy considers individual therapy

Individual v Group Therapy : Which Is for You?

There are two basic types of therapy for detox treatment: individual therapy and group therapy. In one-on-one sessions with your therapist, you can freely share your thoughts and feelings, and you receive their undivided attention. Group therapy also involves the support and guidance of a licensed therapist, but it includes other clients in a detox…