People have a few options when it comes to choosing a facility for drug treatment. One of them is a luxury detox center in Florida. Such a facility can offer benefits that aren’t available at public and private facilities. It can also make the entire detox process more comfortable.

How a Luxury Detox Center Provides Comfort

Serene woman at Serenity House Detox & Recovery a luxury detox centerNo one wants to get treatment from professionals who aren’t friendly and don’t respect their needs. At a luxury detox center in Florida, they get treatment from friendly and respectful staff. These medical professionals listen to their patients’ needs and design a customized addiction treatment plan around them. These elements make progressing through treatment more comfortable.

Many people also hesitate to get treatment out of fear. They’re uncertain about what it will be like and could be afraid of judgment from others. Luxury care addresses both of these fears because it offers a private setting and resembles a resort environment. After seeing what a luxury facility looks like, many people are more comfortable getting addiction treatment.

The number of available amenities is another attractive element of a luxury detox center. It tends to offer more amenities than a public or private facility. Although some of them improve people’s comfort, others are tools that enhance and accelerate recovery.

Holistic addiction treatment options are one example. Having meditation therapy and mindfulness training helps people balance their lives. Fitness services strengthen their bodies so that they can recover faster. These activities also reduce pain and stress to make detox more comfortable.

A serene atmosphere is another example of how a luxury facility increases comfort during detox. Waking up to the smell and view of a beach and the sound of rolling waves has a calming effect. This environment can also make outdoor treatment methods more enjoyable. People work hard to overcome addiction, but enjoying their surroundings during treatment helps them focus.

Other Benefits of Luxury Care

There are many other benefits of visiting a luxury detox center in Florida. A better staff-to-patient ratio is one of them. Public facilities tend to have more patients than staff, which reduces the quality of care. Private facilities have better ratios, but they still don’t compare to a luxury center.

In most cases, a luxury detox center has more staff than patients. Because of that, multiple professionals work with one patient. The patients then receive more personalized, high-quality care. The team can better treat medical issues during detox, which improves comfort.

With fewer symptoms to worry about and no distractions from the outside world, people can focus better on addiction recovery programs, too. A luxury facility also makes sure that they receive nutritious meals every day which makes it easier to get the nutrition that their bodies need to heal.

Also, many people struggle with another mental health condition when they have an addiction. Comorbidity or co-occurring disorders require a dual diagnosis treatment center. It involves using multiple treatment methods to address both disorders at the same time. Unlike public and private centers, a luxury center has the staff and other resources to offer the necessary treatment.

How Luxury Treatment Is Affordable

With extra amenities and a resort-like atmosphere, many people don’t think that they can afford a luxury detox. They believe that they need plenty of cash to visit a luxury detox center in Florida. However, this is a distorted belief.

For starters, all insurance companies must cover at least part of addiction treatment. A lot of policies pay for detox. However, some don’t include coverage for all of the services at a luxury facility. Thankfully, most Florida detox centers can assist individuals with the insurance verification process.

In that case, there are many options for paying for the rest of the bill. People can use the money that they have in savings, or they can use credit cards and loans. Their families and friends could contribute to the bill if they feel that their loved ones are serious about sobriety. A luxury detox center may also offer financing through a third party.

Get Comfortable Detox at Serenity House Detox & Recovery

Are you ready to begin addiction treatment but want a comfortable place? Serenity House Detox & Recovery has treatment centers in Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale. We offer serene, private environments for addiction recovery.

When you visit Serenity House Detox & Recovery, we take time to learn your needs. Then, we create a treatment plan that helps you heal and builds a foundation for rehab. Our staff can even help you transition into rehab after detox. Some of the other services that we provide include:

Don’t let fear of the unknown or treatment costs prevent you from getting help at a luxury detox center. Let Serenity House Detox & Recovery guide you on the path to recovery. Call us now at 866-294-5306.