Many people think that mental health disorders are rare and won’t affect them. However, mental conditions coupled with addiction are more common than they think. Depression, for example, affects millions of people every year as well as their loved ones. After learning more, some people may see that they need depression treatment and feel more comfortable about seeking help.

A Depression Overview

Young woman on a couch talking to counselor during depression treatmentIt’s normal for people to feel sad during certain times in their lives. However, this emotion becomes depression when it lasts for two weeks or longer. Depression is a serious mood disorder, and its symptoms affect how people think, feel and behave. They often have trouble eating, sleeping, working or performing other daily tasks.

Some experts refer to this mental illness as clinical depression or major depressive disorder. No matter what they call it, there are several types, and some of them develop under unusual circumstances. A lot of people require depression treatment to improve their moods and function normally.

Psychotic depression involves severe depression and a form of psychosis. The psychotic symptoms may include hallucinations that make them see or hear upsetting things. Delusions are a symptom that causes disturbing false beliefs with depressive themes such as guilt, illness or poverty.

During pregnancy or after delivery, some women develop postpartum depression. The symptoms are more than the mild anxiety and depression that the “baby blues” cause. This disorder triggers extreme exhaustion and sadness, making it hard for new mothers to care for themselves or newborns.

Persistent depressive disorder or dysthymia consists of a depressed mood that lasts for at least two years. People with dysthymia could have periods of major depression, but their symptoms are less severe most of the time.

During the winter, some people develop seasonal affective disorder because there’s less natural light from the sun. It typically causes increased sleep, social withdrawal, and weight gain every year. The depression and these symptoms go away when spring and summer arrive.

The Connection Between Depression and Addiction

Aside from sadness, depression can trigger feelings of hopelessness and loneliness. While some people don’t realize that they need depression treatment, others feel ashamed to ask for help. Because of that, many of them try to relieve their symptoms with alcohol and drugs.

They might feel relief for a little bit. However, substance abuse can make the symptoms more intense when the drugs wear off. In response, people continue to self-medicate. Eventually, the substance abuse develops into addiction, making it even harder to recover.

Depression Treatment Methods

Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs are available for depression. In general, medicine, therapy or both are the primary methods. When these don’t reduce symptoms, alternative options are also available.

Medications are often useful in helping people improve how their brains use mood-controlling chemicals. Since no two people are the same, it can take trying several medicines before they find one that works. Many doctors start with medications that have helped other family members.

It’s important for people to give the medicines time to work, which can take two to four weeks. They typically notice that their appetites, concentration, and sleep improve before their mood does.

Although medications are helpful, they don’t address the underlying cause of depression. To truly recover, people have to deal with the source through therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one example that produces quick results. Others include problem-solving therapy and interpersonal therapy.

When these depression treatment methods don’t work, doctors or therapists may use other options. Electroconvulsive therapy is one that relieves severe depression through brain stimulation.

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