Can you afford to keep putting yourself last? You’re trying to be there for everyone else, but now’s the time to take care of your drug problem. At a detox program for women, you can overcome the physiological addiction that’s been haunting you.

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Why You Need a Dedicated Florida Women’s Detox Center

Two women discussing sobriety at a women's detox programSociety’s all about breaking down walls. Typically, that’s a good thing. However, when it comes to ending drug addiction, you need a women’s detox center Ft. Lauderdale residents trust. Women and men are different when it comes to substance abuse.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse statistics suggests that there might be 12.9 percent of women with a drug problem. Approximately 3.8% may be struggling with prescription drug abuse. Frequently, women hesitate to seek help. They don’t know what to expect at a detox facility.

Moreover, some women fell victim to drug abuse because of mental or physical harm they suffered at the hands of men. Therefore, a unisex setting will hardly work. However, when you enter a women’s drug detox center in Ft Lauderdale, you have a good chance at healing. Although it’s not a female-only facility, some sessions exclude men.

What Happens at a Women’s Detox Center That Emphasizes Gender-Specific Care?

You meet with an intake counselor who discusses your care needs with you. This addiction treatment expert learns about your drug abuse and overall health. You also talk about what propelled you to pick up a drug or drink. You might undergo a brief assessment for a mood disorder.

It’s interesting to note that many women enter a detox program for women with undiagnosed co-occurring disorders. Examples include anxiety or depression. You may have been leaning on substances all this time when you really needed clinical care. A women detox center in Ft Lauderdale can correct this.

After you answer some questions about your health as well, you start the detox process. You check into your room, where you make yourself comfortable. Friendly medical staff members start monitoring your withdrawal process during your stay at our women’s alcohol detox center in Ft. Lauderdale. They administer medications if necessary to avoid discomfort.

Next, you undergo various detox therapies. Examples include:

  • Group therapy sessions with women who’ll build your self-esteem and help you to stay firm in your resolve to quit
  • Individual therapy meetings that encourage you to envision yourself sober and set goals to get there
  • Family therapy as a means for bringing in loved ones who support your progress
  • A holistic approach to treatment, which allows for acupuncture, meditation, and breathing exercises to deal with stress
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for program participants with co-occurring conditions

Seek Women’s Addiction Treatment That Offers Addiction Education

As you gradually break the hold a drug has on your body, you want to learn more about it. What will it take to avoid going through this experience again? You’ll spend some time with peers learning what potential pitfalls can happen after discharge.

For example, if you don’t follow up on a mood disorder, you put yourself at risk for repeating self-medicating behaviors. You’ll learn how to deal with unused medications rather than hoarding them. Addiction education helps protect you from inadvertently mixing substances that could create a high. But there’s also a forward-looking component.

You may be dealing with some consequences of your drug abuse. They could include physical or financial problems. Addiction education helps you set goals and take steps to better your situation. Most importantly, you recognize that you aren’t alone.

A detox program for women also assists with relapse prevention tips. Accountability’s a big deal. You learn that it’s not a bad thing to have someone who checks in with you every so often. It’s fair to say that this educational aspect is a significant component of a women’s detox center program.

There’s Never a Bad Time to Call for Help

When you’re ready to live the life that you deserve, make the call. You know that drugs aren’t part of that life. At Serenity House Detox & Recovery, our detox program for women can help you reach your goals. We offer detox services for a wide array of substance abuse conditions, including:

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