Connecticut Drug and Alcohol Detox


How can I protect myself from drug addiction in Connecticut? Thousands of tourists from New York City, Boston, and other metropolitan areas in the Northeast flock to Connecticut around the holidays each year. They come in search of the breathtaking coastline, where Connecticut is steeped in the maritime tradition. Hartford and Bridgeport are known for their quaintness and simple beauty, taken as a breath of relief from the rat-race of big city life. Beneath this lovely exterior, Connecticut does have a significant problem with prescription drug addiction. Families and communities are constantly threatened by the silent killer which can be found in just about any medicine cabinet in any home in Connecticut.

The Challenge of Prescription Use and Abuse

How can I be sure that I’m not abusing prescription drugs? Prescription drug abuse can be a slippery slope, even though it can be hard to diagnose. Many prescription have a bit of leeway, allowing for use “as needed.” Unfortunately this often opens the door to overuse and overdose. Over 6 million prescriptions were written for addictive drugs in Connecticut last year. What’s more alarming is that that’s almost double the number of people who live there. One of the ugliest parts of addiction is that it takes over the decision-making part of your brain and gets you to do things you’d never do otherwise if you were thinking straight. For instance, doctors commonly report that clients come into the office pretending they are more sick than they are just to get another prescription to feed their addiction.

Prescription Drugs Used Far and Above What Doctors Recommend

What can I do to get off prescription drugs if I think I’m overusing them and heading toward addiction? If you think for a moment that you might have an addiction, that means you probably do. The first step to conquering addiction is finding a detox program where you can cleanse your body and mind of the poison.

Florida Detox is the Answer to Connecticut Addiction

Are you looking for an affordable and dependable Connecticut drug & alcohol detox center? It’s advisable to seek a detox program outside of your home state. Connecticut is the place where your addiction started, and you should get away for awhile to recover. Serenity House Detox is located in a number of gorgeous Florida locations where you can breathe in the warm air as you purify your body and prepare for full addiction recovery.

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