There are two components to overcoming addiction–detox and rehab. Both are crucial to recovery, and combining them can seem like the right choice. However, many patients find it much better to separate the two. Take a closer look at some of the downsides of a combination rehab detox center.

A Combination Rehab Detox Center May Not Specialize in Anything

Smiling woman in red shirt steering clear of combo rehab detox center There is definitely something convenient about the idea of a combination rehab detox center. Having everything under the same roof can make things easier from a logistical point of view. However, convenience isn’t the only thing that matters. The results are the most important thing to consider.

Unfortunately, a combination rehab detox center may be trying to offer too many services in one facility. As a result, they aren’t able to specialize in anything. Rather than getting top-notch medical care followed by expert psychological care, you might be getting the services of general staff.

Separating detox and rehab means targeted care. Start your journey to recovery with specific medical detox services, and then continue with ongoing addiction treatment.

Medical Needs are Different in Detox and in Rehab

The biggest reason to attend a medical detox rather than quitting cold turkey at home is the need for medical attention. It is impossible to overstate the need for medical monitoring around the clock during detox. As the body goes into withdrawal, the symptoms of withdrawal can range from flu-like to life-threatening. It is critical that patients have access to medical support day and night.

During detox, patients might need access to prescription medications. They may also benefit from IVs, or they can rely on other medical approaches to comfort and safety. Medical professionals that are used to helping patients in detox will know what resources are recommended for each situation. Plus, they can carefully monitor at-risk patients to ensure that symptoms don’t develop too quickly or cause lasting health problems.

After the withdrawal period is over, the need for medical supervision drops dramatically. Patients will still need access to medical care and physical check-ups, but the major risks are gone. Since the level of medical care drops, it doesn’t make sense to pursue detox and rehab in the exact same facility.

Gain Sobriety Before You Learn to Maintain It

Detox has one primary goal–getting clean and sober, removing drugs and/or alcohol from the body. It can be a challenging period of withdrawal, but the end result is worth the effort. Patients need to work through detox to get to the other side, but they usually aren’t receptive to intensive training or therapy.

That’s why it makes sense to avoid the idea of a combination rehab detox center. First, make it a priority to get sober. After you’re through withdrawal, you’ll be able to think clearly. With a brain free from the influence of drugs or alcohol, you can move on and start making progress in terms of therapy and relapse prevention.

Transitional Recovery Offers Stepping Stones to Success

The road to recovery can feel daunting. Addiction is a disease, and it is something that never truly disappears. Rather than looking ahead at that journey with dread, breaking it up into manageable portions makes it easier.

The first stepping stone must be detox. Once you’re sober, you can move on to the next stage of recovery. From there, learning how to function in an independent lifestyle or a new job might be the goal. Creating small steps is far more approachable way to handle the idea of overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction.

Beginning Your Journey at Serenity House Detox & Recovery

If you’re veering away from a combination rehab detox center, you’re on the right track. Serenity House Detox & Recovery in Jupiter or Fort Lauderdale can the best way to break free from addiction once and for all. At Serenity House, patients can expect a wide range of services and support as they begin the detox journey to recovery. A few of the benefits of detox will include the following:

  • 24/7 medical monitoring and care
  • Addiction counseling as needed
  • Comfortable, welcoming accommodations
  • Pharmacological assistance
  • Recommendations for ongoing treatment
  • Two warm and convenient Florida locations

Take control of your life and your health by working toward recovery. Serenity House Detox & Recovery can kick start that recovery at either of its two locations in Florida. Whether you’re interested in detox in Jupiter or in Fort Lauderdale, call 866-294-5306 to learn more.