A Miami rehab center can get you through detox.

In North Miami, FL, there’s an escalating drug problem, and it’s getting worse. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, North Miami, FL, the trends of which types of substances people are abusing has shifted. Perhaps a Miami rehab center can help the situation.

In 2012, North Miami, Florida (FL), had a 17% decrease in a number of deaths related to nonmedical use of prescription opiates. That might seem like a good thing, but it wasn’t. In the same year, there was an increase in North Miami for how many young adults began injecting different substances like prescription opiates and heroin, as well as methamphetamines.

Miami Rehab Center Addiction Treatment

Throughout Florida, people are dying each year because they don’t seek the help they so desperately need. Many addicts in Florida don’t even consider the idea of going to a Miami rehab center for drug and alcohol detox. They’re suffering from a disease that makes them believe they’re fine. Even if they do have a moment of clarity, the thought of going through withdrawal can be enough to keep them in active addiction. What they don’t realize is that a Miami rehab center can provide them with a drug and alcohol detox. Detox can help minimize the harsh symptoms of withdrawal.

The Dangers of not Going to a Drug and Alcohol Detox

Many addicts try to quit on their own, and they do this because they’re afraid to ask for help. They believe that quitting cold turkey may be a bad enough experience that they never want to relapse. That kind of thinking can also be very dangerous.

Drugs and alcohol cause a lot of damage to the heart and other internal organs, and individuals also become extremely dependent on the substances they’ve been abusing. Trying to quit the substances without medical supervision can lead to potentially dangerous results like heart failure.

The Benefits of a Drug and Alcohol Detox

While at a drug and alcohol detox, individuals will be monitored by a medical staff who will ensure that they’re as safe as possible while their bodies detox. This is accomplished by monitoring their blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, individuals may be given medications that help minimize the symptoms of withdrawal. The help people receive through medical detox can help build the foundation that they need in order to overcome their addiction for good.

If you’re ready to take the courageous steps necessary to begin a life in recovery, allow us to help. Let Serenity House Detox & Recovery provide you with a safe medical detox. Afterward, you can transition into a rehabilitation program that can help you learn how to never drink or use again. Call us at 1.866.396.4129 today and get started on the path to sober recovery.