Best Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Cape Coral FL

Beautiful drug and alcohol detox centers in Cape Coral FL

Are you a Cape Coral FL resident with a drug or alcohol addiction problem? If so, it’s time to take control of your life with drug and alcohol detox centers in Cape Coral FL. Only a professional addiction treatment center can truly help you get sober.

Many residents of Cape Coral struggle with drug abuse. Methamphetamine use, for example, is at its highest with more than 300 meth lab seizures per year in recent years. Prescription drug abuse is also on the rise in this area. The need for detox and treatment has never been higher in Cape Coral.

Drug and alcohol detox centers in Cape Coral FL are often located in conjunction with addiction treatment locations. A detox program helps you to minimize the uncomfortable and often painful symptoms of drug and alcohol detox. You don’t have to go through this difficult experience alone. At a qualified detox center, you will be monitored and looked after by the best addiction experts in the field.

Never Try to Detox on Your Own

If you’re a Cape Coral, Florida resident who is struggling with an addiction problem, it’s important to remember the dangers of going cold turkey when it comes to quitting drugs and alcohol. Trying to detox on your own is dangerous, and in nearly all documented cases of individuals trying to quit cold turkey, relapse occurred at one point or another.

Don’t become a statistic just because you think you can do the impossible by quitting drugs on your own. Choose the route that you know works. Residents of Cape Coral, Florida just like you need proper rehab programs at a professional addiction detox and treatment center.

How Drug Detox Works

Serenity House Detox & Recovery is the southern Florida expert at detox. You don’t fear detox when you have expert addiction counselors and medical staff to guide you through the process. We will do an evaluation when you arrive and with your help decide which program is best suited to you. We offer programs to help you quit your addiction, including:

When you quit taking your drug or alcohol, your body revolts at the loss. Depending on the severity of your addiction and the length of time you’ve been using, detox takes anywhere from 5 – 7 days or as long as 30 days. Medication management helps keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. Medical staff keep a close eye on how your body handles detoxing from drugs or alcohol and keeps you safe from yourself and comfortable.

You may find talk therapy valuable during your detox stay with us. We have an experienced staff of therapists who will custom tailor psychotherapy to add your recovery. We offer:

We are a full-service detox center. Serenity House Detox & Recovery will get you from addiction, through detox and on to rehab on your way to a better life.

Find a Detox and Addiction Treatment Center Today

Overcoming addiction will surely take hard work and diligence, but it can be done. The key is finding drug and alcohol detox centers in Cape Coral FL and then a rehab centers that works for you. Because every person’s needs are particular and unique, you may need help finding the perfect rehab location for you as an individual.

When it comes to the location of your treatment, as a Cape Coral, FL, resident, you may want to consider leaving your hometown for treatment. This allows you to have a fresh start away from the negative influences that caused your initial spiral into drug abuse.

Find help at Serenity House Detox & Recovery today. Remember, the only way to truly get sober and stay sober is starting with professional drug and alcohol detox centers in Cape Coral FL. program. Call us today at 866-294-5306.