Pursuing addiction treatment is a courageous decision. The very first step on the journey to lasting health and sobriety is detox. Explore the reasons that detox is such a critical step on the road to recovery.

Detox Can Mitigate Withdrawal Symptoms

Young Woman leaning against brick wall outside addiction treatment center.One of the most convincing reasons for patients to begin at addiction treatment center with detox is because a detox can be an effective way of reducing the discomfort associated with symptoms of withdrawal.

When an individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol ceases consumption abruptly, withdrawal symptoms will kick in. These are perfectly normal, but they are often uncomfortable. In most cases, withdrawal is similar to having a case of the flu. In some cases, however, it can be way more unpleasant.

Although withdrawal typically only lasts for a week, the prospect of such discomfort may prevent some patients from getting the help they need to recover from addiction. In reality, the medical professionals in a detox facility will go out of their way to mitigate any symptoms and increase the comfort of patients.

Those involved at addiction treatment center never want patients to be unhappy or uncomfortable, especially if it can easily be prevented. That’s why in detox, a number of methods to mitigate the symptoms of withdrawal. Things like an IV can prevent dehydration. Sedatives can encourage sleep and non-opioid painkillers can reduce any significant muscle pain.

Medical Professionals Ensure Safety Throughout Withdrawal

Withdrawing from an addictive substance can, at times, bring about more than just discomfort. Sometimes, it can lead to serious medical problems. If this happens, being in a medical detox means having access to the necessary help to handle emergency situations.

Although rare, some patients can see serious problems develop in withdrawal. For example, some patients might become paranoid, acting in a way that could harm themselves or others. Other patients might become violent or deal with hallucinations.

About five percent of people addicted to alcohol will suffer from a condition known as delirium tremens, or DTs. This can come with dangerous side effects such as seizures.

If any of these dramatic conditions occur as a result of withdrawal, patients should always have emergency medical attention. If patients are at home, without proper care, these conditions could worsen or even cause death. In detox environments, immediate care can be given and the patients can remain safe and healthy in most cases.

Professional Detox Can Oversee Weaning Techniques

People often think of detox as a cold turkey process. For some substances, this approach may work, but most patients can benefit from a weaning or tapering process. This should only ever be attempted under professional medical supervision.

Detox Involves a Thorough Medical Examination

Detox can be a stressful time. In particular, it can be stressful on the body. After all, a person in need of detox is also a person who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol for a period of time. In a professional detox setting, a full medical exam will be conducted before detox begins.

Addiction is incredibly stressful on the human body. Long-term alcoholics or drug abusers may already be struggling with weakened immune systems, livers, kidneys or hearts. Detox can actually exacerbate these conditions in some cases.

That’s why it is so important for anyone ready to end addiction to detox professionally in the right environment. A full medical exam can confirm that there are no preexisting health conditions that need to be monitored.

A health evaluation at the start of a detox can also point to any serious mental health problems. Since more than half of all people struggling with addiction also struggle with mental health issues, this can be a critical step toward finding a successful addiction treatment center.

Detox Removes Accumulated Toxins Built up in the Body

Drugs and alcohol are toxins in the body. Not only are they problematic immediately after consumption, but they can build up in the body and cause health problems. One goal of detox is to remove the toxins from the body and allow it to function properly.

The body is already a great detoxing machine. However, those first few days without the substance of choice can be difficult. Once that withdrawal has passed, however, the body and the brain will be ready to think logically and perform at its best. That’s good news, since addiction treatment can be a long road.

Professional Detox Facilities Offer Accountability 24/7

There are millions of people each and every year that aim to quit drinking or using drugs. While a handful are successful, most ultimately fail. That’s because trying to end an addiction solo won’t offer a support system to keep patients on track. In a residential or inpatient detox facility, there is 24/7 accountability.

Most detox facilities are closed environments. This means that patients are required to stay on the premises for the duration of the detox program. It also means that strangers can’t come in and out of the facility without permission.

This closed environment means that things like drugs and alcohol aren’t readily available. Plus, there are regular tests as needed to confirm that patients have been maintaining their sobriety and completing the detox. With this level of accountability, it is easy to complete the detox drug and alcohol free.

Higher Chance of Lasting Recovery Through Professional Detox Programs

The ultimate goal of an addiction treatment center is being able to live the life that every individual deserves. That means health, happiness, personal fulfillment and sobriety. The best chance of lasting recovery goes to those patients who complete detox programs in a professional facility.

Nothing in life is certain, and there are no guarantees when it comes to recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol. However, individuals should take every step they can to get on the track that leads to the highest chance of lasting, successful sobriety.

Secure Environments Eliminate Temptations During Addiction Treatment

It is important to erase the stigma that cravings for drugs or alcohol are a sign of weakness. These cravings are a common sign of the body successfully withdrawing from an addictive, dangerous substance. It is important to resist these temptations and set up relapse prevention strategies to eliminate the chance of giving in to cravings.

One of the best ways to eliminate any chance of failure during withdrawal is to complete withdrawal in a detox facility. With no access to drugs or alcohol, it will be much easier to accept the reality of withdrawal.

A successful addiction treatment center begins with detox. At Serenity House Detox & Recovery, you can detox from drugs or alcohol in a safe, comfortable environment. Call 866-294-5306 today to take back your life from addiction.