The potential for an addiction to morphine is just something else people have to worry about when doctors prescribe this medication to deal with pain issues. Doctors often prescribe morphine as a wonder drug for patients who are coming out of surgery or are left dealing with serious body trauma. The problem is morphine, like all opiate-based drugs, is highly addictive. Even patients with the best intentions can end up addicted. When addiction comes, a morphine detox quickly becomes a necessity. Woman hugging knees sad that she needs morphine detox.

A Bit About Morphine

Morphine acts on the central nervous system by dulling the pain receptors in the brain. When taken properly, it is very effective in the treatment of acute and chronic pain issues. Unfortunately, it comes with a few unpleasant side effects, even from normal use. These potential side effects include constipation, decreased respiratory function and low blood pressure. Of course, a morphine addiction is the most serious side effect. It occurs even when people abuse the drug for a short period of time. It doesn’t matter if the abuse is intentional or accidental, it can still create chaos in the lives of the unfortunate. In exchange for feelings of euphoria, ambition, relaxation, drowsiness, or sleepiness, the addict also gets a chance to deal with things like dangerously low blood pressure, loss of muscle function, confusion, nausea, and depression when things go too far.

About Morphine Detox

As indicated above, people locked in an addiction to substances like morphine usually face a steep climb away from their illness. After coming to grips with the fact they actually live in the cycle of addiction, each person needs to make a decision about how to best combat it. In almost all cases, drug treatment is the only road to recovery. Depending on the length and depth of the addiction, most doctors or rehab clinicians will require the patient go through a morphine detox process. The morphine detox process is a key component in helping patients eliminate residual drugs from their system. The detox process also allows the patient’s mind and body to overcome cravings. The morphine detox process is usually handled is a residential clinic like Serenity House Detox. In this kind of an environment, the medical staff monitors each patient’s progress. They do this to help minimize each patient’s pain and stress related to the detox process. They may prescribe medications for pain or sleeping issues. When the morphine detox process has been completed, the heart of the treatment process can begin.

Information About Serenity House Detox

For anyone looking for treatment in places like Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Florida, Serenity House Detox stands as one of the premier detox-only facilities in the area. Although we offer many different talk therapies, our main focus is physical detox. Our job is to get our patients safely through the process as they prepare to check in to their treatment facility of choice. Here’s a list of specific programs we offer:

Knowing all patients have differing circumstances, we like to customize our treatment programs to meet the specific needs of our patients. Regardless of how you fell victim to the disease of addiction, you can still battle your way toward recovery. You will most likely face the need for detox. Contact us here at Serenity House Detox by picking up the phone and dialing 866-294-5306. You can begin a journey that could save your life. Remember, it’s a life worth saving and drug treatment, starting with detox, is the only reliable way out.