Woman talking to clinician about affordable detox programs in FloridaOnly a fraction of the people who have a drug addiction seeks treatment. One of the main reasons is because they believe that there’s no way for them to afford it. What they don’t realize is that treatment is an investment in managing a more costly health problem. Also, it’s possible to find affordable detox programs thanks to insurance and other payment methods.

Affordable Detox Programs With Insurance

The purpose of drug detox is to rid the body of the alcohol or drugs to which people have an addiction. It’s a vital part of the addiction treatment process, and people should not begin rehab until after they complete it. Thankfully, government regulations require insurance companies to cover detox services as they would treatments for other health issues.

The coverage that each insurance policy includes for substance abuse treatment varies. Some plans pay for the entire cost of detox when the policyholders meet their deductibles. Others require that the policyholders pay coinsurance or co-payments.

Also, insurance companies typically require people to seek treatment at facilities that are in their networks. This status means that the insurers and detox centers have arrangements that provide discounted services to the policyholders. When people visit providers that aren’t in their networks, their insurance policies may not cover any of the services. Simply put, they end up paying more out of their own pockets.

However, getting affordable detox takes more research than knowing the above benefits and restrictions. The reason because a detox center may offer specific services that an insurance plan doesn’t cover.

For instance, insurers don’t always cover holistic treatments. These are alternative methods of care such as meditation therapy and yoga. Instead, insurance plans usually cover the cost of evidence-based therapy that the American Psychological Association has approved for treatment. These include cognitive behavioral therapy and family counseling, for instance.

Affordable detox with insurance might not include inpatient programs either. Instead, the policies might only pay for outpatient treatment. It’s essential that people who seek detox talk with their insurers about the specific benefits of their plans.

Affording Uncovered Detox Services

When the insurance plans aren’t enough to cover the full cost of detox, other options are available. Using the money that they’ve saved for a rainy day or retirement is a good idea. This course of action might be the last that they want to take. However, they’re likely to use that money on drugs in the long run if they don’t get addiction help now.

If they want to leave that as a last resort, then they could ask close family and friends to contribute. Doing so might be tricky if they’ve damaged those relationships. In most cases, though, loved ones want to do what they can to support recovery. They could contribute directly to the affordable detox programs if they worry about where the money will go.

Financing is a third and wide-ranging option. Getting a personal loan is the first method that comes to mind. A lot of financial institutions offer fixed interest rates and low monthly payments for affordable detox programs.

Those who don’t qualify for personal loans can use credit cards. The only downsides are that the interest rates will be higher and fluctuate depending on the market. Although the monthly payments could be lower, these elements increase the overall cost of affordable detox.

People should remember that the goal of detox is to set them up for recovery. Detox centers don’t want to bankrupt them because that could cause future problems that feed into relapse. Those who struggle to arrange to pay for detox can ask their prospective treatment centers for assistance.

You Can Afford Detox at Serenity House Detox & Recovery

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