Female looking out window waiting for her ride to her painkiller detox center programIf you’ve been struggling with an addiction to painkillers, you may not even know it. Most people who become addicted were prescribed the medication for legitimate reasons. Without even realizing it, the use of the pain medications can take control of a person’s life. This addiction causes social, financial, psychological and professional issues, and it also causes a physical dependence. You may need a pain pill detox center program to address this addiction.

Physical dependence to pain medications is one of the leading causes of continuous use. Those who become physically dependent need a pain pill detox center in order to get clean. The problem is that many people don’t seek the help they desperately need. A lot of this comes from a lack of knowledge about how serious a pain pill dependency can be.

More and More People Need a Pain Pill Detox Center

Right now, the United States is going through an opiate addiction epidemic like we’ve never seen before. There are thousands of people who are overdosing on prescription painkillers as well as drugs like heroin. The opiate epidemic has become so great that many first responders are carrying Narcan. Narcan is a medication that’s been created to counter the effects of an opiate overdose.

Recent statistics report that more people are experiencing overdoses from prescribed medications than anything else. The amount of people who overdose on medications is more than those from cocaine and heroin combined. This is largely because as a country, we prescribe more narcotic medications than anywhere else. While the medications are prescribed with good intentions, many people still become addicted.

Pain medications can be prescribed for a wide range of reasons, and they have helped many people. The medications are prescribed to block the pain receptors in the brain, but they can also provide a euphoric feeling. People who have surgery, an injury or chronic pain are often prescribed maintenance doses of these medications. The problem is that some people become highly addicted, and they need more pills in order to feel well.

How to Tell if Someone May Need Pain Pill Detox Center

One of the reasons many people don’t get help is because medical professionals prescribe pain medications so they must be safe. It’s difficult for loved ones as well as the person taking the medications to see a problem. Not only that, but addiction affects the brain in a way that makes a person justify his or her using. For someone who was prescribed the medication, his or her logic is that a doctor gave them the medications.

There are very subtle signs to look out for when a person is developing a pain pill addiction. It’s important to see how these signs show up so you can catch the problem early on. Addiction is progressive, so a person has better chances of recovery in the early stages. Some of the signs include:

  • Irritability when he or she is out of medication
  • Symptoms of withdrawal when the medication is out
  • Abuse of the medication

The first sign to look for is the abuse of the pain medication, and abuse is very easy to classify. If a person takes the medication in any other way than what’s prescribed, it’s abuse. This can include taking more than what’s prescribed, snorting or injecting the pill and seeing multiple doctors. Many people will begin “doctor shopping” as a way to get more pills or additional refills for their prescription.

When Pain Pill Addiction Progresses

Before a person enters a pain pill detox center program, their addiction has often progressed to a dangerous point. Those who become addicted begin doing many different things to get pain pills. It’s common for people to begin buying pills from drug dealers or stealing the pills from friends and family members. Some people may even begin pawning their belongings or stealing money to buy the drugs.

For those who are suffering from symptoms of pain, this can be very difficult. No matter how bad their life has become, they believe they still need the medication. This is a tough situation because the person often feels extremely hopeless, like they can’t live with or without the medication. What’s actually happening in the brain is an act of deceit.

When a person becomes addicted to pain pills for chronic pain, the brain becomes more sensitive to pain and can’t tolerate it as well as it could before pain pill ingestion. The pain someone experiences when they’re addicted is increased and seems worse than it should be. The reality is that there are many more ways to treat pain once a person detoxes.

Why is a Pain Pill Detox Center Necessary?

Prescription pain pills are narcotic medications that are made from opiates or opioids. Opioids are a synthetic opiate that may not be as strong as opiates, but they can become highly addictive. What happens is the medication attaches to opiate receptors in the brain which also releases dopamine in the body. The body becomes accustomed to this excess flow of dopamine, and it craves more.

During this time, the body is also making many different adjustments from a new substance being consumed. The human body survives by constantly playing a balancing act for substances entering and exiting. When a person has been using pain pills in excess, the body adjusts and now needs the pills. Without the pills in the system, the person will experience symptoms of withdrawal.

There are many people who are addicted to pain pills who have experienced pain pill withdrawal before. These symptoms can be dangerous and uncomfortable, which is why people don’t want to quit. Due to the dependency and the mind craving the medication, people justify not going to a prescription painkiller detox program. What they don’t realize is that a qualified detox facility can help.

Going to a Pain Pill Detox Center in Jupiter

If you’re tired of living in your addiction to pain pills, come to Serenity House Detox & Recovery. We offer a quality detox process that will help reduce your pain pill withdrawal symptoms. We have a fully staffed medical facility to provide you with the latest in addiction medicine. These medications have been specifically designed to reduce your symptoms and help you during your time at our inpatient Florida detox center.

The road to a clean and sober life doesn’t end with the detox process, but we’ll help you create your foundation. Serenity House Detox & Recovery works with many different facilities so you can continue your treatment. Getting sober is one challenge, but learning how to stay sober is another. We’re here to provide you with the drug and alcohol detox services you need to live a healthy, happy life. Call 866-294-5306.