Creating an effective plan for women with substance use disorder is crucial to their recovery. Many women find that gender-specific treatment is the ideal solution. However, the importance of this level of care seems to slip through the cracks. Knowing more about a women’s detox program might persuade women to choose this type of treatment.An all women's detox program will let you be yourself.

What Is a Women’s Detox Program?

Female-only detox is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a detox program that only treats women for their substance abuse disorder. Its purpose is to address the specific needs of women in recovery. Although men and women can both develop addictions, they experience it differently. It only makes sense for treatment centers to focus treatment efforts on the issues that each gender faces. Therapy during co-ed programs can sometimes focus too much on one gender. Enrolling in a women’s detox program eliminates this problem for women. It also aims to improve women’s mental health and address risk factors that only affect them.

How Drugs Affect Women Differently

One reason why women have a different experience with addiction is that their bodies don’t metabolize drugs the same. Body weight and different enzymes and hormones affect how the body metabolizes drugs. Unfortunately, alcohol exposure is more dangerous for women’s organs than men’s because of their fat-to-water ratio. Also, their bodies absorb alcohol into the bloodstream much faster, increasing their blood alcohol content quicker. In addition, women who start to abuse drugs develop dependence and addiction faster. Substance use disorder also progresses quicker in severity and causes more health problems for them.

Why Female-Only Treatment Is Important

Like with drug use, women experience addiction treatment differently than men, even when the program is the same. It’s only rational that they receive customized treatment plans. Treatment centers consider the initial reasons for using drugs when they create these plans. Women tend to start using drugs because they want to escape distress from abuse or other trauma. They frequently use drugs to self-medicate a mental health condition, too. If their partners or spouses use drugs, they may start using to spend time with them. Women might also use to increase their energy, lose weight, or improve their school or work performance. Seeking a good time and improving intimacy are also reasons. Furthermore, they may find it harder to talk with male therapists or in group therapy with men around. These issues make it important for women to enroll in a women’s detox program. They tend to be more honest and open about their problems in discussions with only other women.

Benefits of Women’s Detox

Another benefit of a women’s detox program is that it addresses the specific cultural issues that women deal with. Society traditionally views women as the homemakers and family caregivers. However, many women who work find it hard to get past the feeling of pressure to be the primary caregivers. They also have trouble entering residential addiction treatment because they’re afraid of criticism about letting down their families. In a gender-specific program, they can talk about these expectations with other women who understand that point of view. They also gain support from the detox center staff and peer relationships they build during treatment. Many women also have body image problems more often than men and need to address those issues in treatment. They tend to have poor self-worth and self-esteem, which makes it difficult for them to open up with men around. It could be hard for some women to talk around men because they suffered past abuse. A female-only program eliminates this problem so that women can share and encourage each other.

Get Female-Only Detox Treatment at Serenity House Detox & Recovery

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