Sad woman on couch trying to get through rapid detox by herself.As the number of individuals seeking drug addiction treatment increases, some centers promote rapid detox. They say that it is a painless and easy way to withdraw from drugs. Physical withdrawal is not life-threatening, but it can feel unbearable. While detoxing rapidly may seem like an easy way to ease the pain and discomfort, it is not. Customized and supervised traditional treatment at a detox center is more effective.

According to a study published in 2012, the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that about 2.1 million Americans are addicted to prescription opioid pain relievers. Nearly half a million people take heroin. These numbers have grown since the study was conducted. It is only a matter of time before someone addicted to drugs decides that he or she should stop substance abuse before it ruins his or her life. In most cases, people may try to stop without professional help. They are unsuccessful 95 percent of the time because of the major discomfort and begin taking drugs again. They also become more desperate for relief.

What is Rapid Detox?

During this rapid detox treatment, a doctor prescribes the opioid blocker naltrexone to improve the body’s ability to withdraw from the substance. Stopping narcotics suddenly can cause painful symptoms of withdrawal. To make the client more comfortable, medical providers prescribe a sedative that enables the person to sleep during treatment so that they are not aware of the horrible withdrawal symptoms. Because the effects can be severe, the individual usually wears restraints while in bed. It can take several days to recover from the treatment. The doctor may also prescribe one or more drugs to help you endure the intense procedure, which can lead to other problems. Because the treatment lasts a short time, some think that it may be a good way to detox, but it can cause serious side effects.

Side Effects of Rapid Detox

Rapid detox is a method that uses sedatives and other medication to help clients remove substances like drugs and alcohol from their bodies. While this may sound promising, the program is not a safe treatment option because it can cause serious side effects, including:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Choking and aspiration
  • Infection
  • Paranoia and other mental health problems
  • High body temperature
  • Heart attack

Many studies show that these detox programs are unsafe and unreliable. They have a poor success rate resulting in drug addiction relapse. Along with worsening serious mental health issues, detoxing too fast can be fatal.

A study mentioned by the American Medical Association noted numerous shortcomings with rapid detox when compared to conventional treatment methods. People enrolled in rapid programs are more likely to have side effects and feel uncomfortable after treatment. As a result, this method is less effective overall when compared to traditional detox treatments.

What Are the Alternatives to Rapid Detox for Help with Withdrawal?

There are safer, more comfortable evidence-based Florida drug rehab treatment alternatives. These treatment options enable you to remain alert so you can manage your personal and business affairs. Following an individualized detox program, doctors prescribe medicine only as needed. The professional staff ensures that you receive the support you need in a positive atmosphere. The treatments enable you to handle the process better and experience a quicker recovery that is often faster than with rapid detox. Individualized treatment and therapy that includes a focus on the underlying cause of your addiction can help in your recovery. Based on your individual circumstances, you can select the treatment that best fits your needs. We offer a variety of detox programs, including:

Do not let drug addiction control your life. You can beat your dependency with quality detox and rehab treatment. Detox helps prepare you for addiction treatment and recovery. If you or someone you know needs help, assistance is available. Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery today at 866-294-5306 and start your journey on the road to recovery.