Molly is the rave drug. Primarily teens and young adults fall for its lure. However, the teen or young adult who doesn’t receive addiction treatment becomes an adult with a habit. That’s why Serenity House Detox & Recovery operates a molly drug detox center.

How Molly Affects Its Users

molly drug detox center florida men talking in a group therapy sessionPeople take the drug when they’re at large gatherings. In addition to a euphoric high and hallucinations they hope will deepen the experience, there’s another component. It makes people feel close and empathetic. For many, it lowers inhibitions, which can result in unprotected sexual encounters.

If you abuse the substance often over a prolonged period, there may be other problems to consider. For example, your cognitive abilities might slip. You have a difficult time remembering things at the molly drug detox center. Similarly, your attention span decreases.

Depending on secondary ingredients, you’re also looking at the potential for organ failure. Besides that, it’s possible to become unable to regulate body temperature effectively. Since you tend to grind your teeth when high, they wear down. It’s not unusual to encounter numerous oral health challenges.

A molly drug detox program must take into account that the substance affects dopamine production. The crash, which comes after you quit using, can be quite dramatic. For many, it results in a deep depression they can’t get out of. At our molly drug detox center, we anticipate this problem and provide medications.

During the high, you’re at risk of problematic effects. Case in point is overheating, which can have deadly outcomes. Similarly, dealers might have cut the drug with other substances that could result in overdose. Some molly drug detox program participants learn that they have multiple addictions for this reason.

Evidence-Based Treatments at the Molly Drug Detox Center

Because you’ll stop using the drug altogether, your neurotransmitters will be out of balance. Serotonin, in particular, will take a while to recover. It’s a mood stabilizer as well as the substance that helps you relax for sleep. At the molly drug detox center, we help you regain equilibrium.

Treatments include:

  • Medication assisted treatment that encourages healthy sleep and a reduction in agitation
  • Nutrition education at our molly drug detox Florida trusts to regain energy and physical health
  • Behavioral therapy as a way to deal with temptations to begin using again when you feel bored
  • Group therapy that serves as a tool for social skills development without the need for a drug creating empathy
  • Meditation, which gives you the opportunity to reduce anxiety through at-will relaxation

Family Involvement Matters

Many program participants at the molly drug detox program have families they live with. Almost all loved ones support their decision to stop using. However, few understand what molly does. Similarly, family members don’t always know how to assist you.

That’s why their participation in a molly drug detox Florida can count on is vital. It enables them to understand your struggles. Most importantly, it helps them learn how to be your support network. This is of critical importance when you move on to the molly drug addiction treatment Florida turns to for rehab.

In some cases, you’ll learn that you have a co-occurring case of anxiety or depression. Loved ones need to understand that this is a secondary condition you struggle with. It won’t go away. Therefore, they need to have the tools to work with it.

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