Crystal meth is a common name for methamphetamine in crystallized form. Whether snorted, injected or smoked, it can create lasting health problems. It is also a highly addictive drug. Fortunately, crystal meth addiction treatment is available, and it can be the key to overcoming drug addiction once and for all.

Acknowledge Crystal Meth Addiction

Two young women shaking hands over crystal meth addiction treatment discussionThe first step in crystal meth addiction treatment is just acknowledging that there is a problem. Often, that is easier said than done. Many people who abuse drugs like crystal meth don’t want to admit that they are struggling with addiction.

When it comes to drugs as addictive as crystal meth, however, almost all chronic or habitual use is an addiction. A person may be addicted to crystal meth if they use the drug on a daily basis. If they are using increasing amounts of the drug, that can also point to a dependency.

Critically, individuals need to look at whether they are suffering from adverse consequences as a result of their crystal meth use. If you suffer from health, financial or family problems, but you continue using drugs, then addiction is likely. Once a person is addicted to drugs like crystal meth, the desire for drugs overrides everything else. Drug use might come before financial stability, relationships, family or health.

Begin Detox

Crystal meth addiction treatment can officially start once clients enter a crystal meth detox program. Although drug addiction is caused by a whole range of factors, it is still ultimately a physical illness. To break free from dependency on crystal meth, clients need to complete a medically supervised detox.

During detox, drug use stops completely. Typically, clients will start to experience withdrawal symptoms 24 hours into the process. At first, these symptoms may be mildly uncomfortable.

Over time, the withdrawal symptoms will get more intense. Often, they peak around seven days into detox. Fortunately, detox doesn’t last forever. Most clients report that withdrawal is entirely over within 14 days.

Work Through Withdrawal Symptoms

There are common withdrawal symptoms that appear during crystal meth detox. Some of these include increased appetite, dry mouth, and restlessness. Many clients also experience incredible fatigue, which is common when you stop taking a stimulant drug like crystal meth.

Although rare, it is also possible to experience more severe symptoms of withdrawal. Some clients can suffer paranoia, panic attacks or hallucinations. It is critical that clients always have medical support in the event of these symptoms.

In a medically supervised detox, clients will also have access to resources that can increase comfort and decrease pain. Certain medications can be administered by medical professionals to ease any discomfort and make the entire detox process less challenging.

Create a Plan for Lasting Recovery

The first step toward recovery should always be detox. However, the end of detox should not be the end of your crystal meth addiction treatment. At a quality detox facility, staff will be able to help clients plan out the next step on their journey to lifelong freedom from drug addiction.

Sometimes, that means exploring options like counseling and therapy. Many clients struggle with underlying issues of trauma or mental health, and targeted therapy can be beneficial. Other clients might make plans to join a local support group in their hometown. Recruiting family and friends to create a support system can also be a smart step toward relapse prevention and ongoing recovery.

Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment Starting at Serenity House Detox & Recovery

There are countless recovery programs available to those who are serious about ending an addiction to crystal meth. However, all of those programs need to start with a medically supervised detox. Fortunately, you can begin crystal meth addiction treatment at Serenity House Detox & Recovery. If safety and effectiveness are your priorities, then start the road to recovery with all of the following at your disposal:

To honestly and efficiently overcome an addiction to crystal meth, start with detox. Serenity House Detox & Recovery offers detox services in Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter, Florida, that can kick-start the recovery process. Crystal meth addiction treatment is yours if you’re ready. Call 866-294-5306 today.