Addiction causes a great a deal of pain in the lives of both addicts and their loved ones. It’s a shame that things have to reach a crisis before most addicts seek help. The good news is if they do try to find help, there’s always one thing they can count on. There will be plenty of reputable recovery programs awaiting their call. It’s worth noting that parts of Florida serve as home to several top-rated detox and rehab centers.

About Recovery Programs

Young man talking to counselor about various recovery programs available.Time and again, we hear stories about people who attempt to overcome addiction on their own. Some even turn to the Internet for a self-help process they believe will cure what ails them. Unfortunately, many of these misguided individuals fail miserably and end up right back where they began.

Recovery programs still stand as the only reliable option when it comes to treatments that consistently work. In decades past, most rehabs used a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. They always treated patients with standard inpatient or outpatient programs. Over the last 15 years or so, many of the top recovery programs have begun using a wider variety of treatment options. This gives counselors the ability to customize treatment for each patient.

As this trend continues within the industry, it appears that addicted individuals are becoming less wary of the treatment process. It doesn’t seem to be mediating the substance abuse issues within the US, but more people know where to go for help. That’s a significant change.

Recovery Programs – The Process

Within specific parameters, a typical rehab divides its recovery programs into three primary steps. In order, these would be detox, therapy and counseling, and aftercare.

1. Detox – With any significant addiction, the victim will face symptoms of withdrawal should they attempt to stop using. Given the danger experts assign to these symptoms, most clinicians will prescribe detox before therapy begins. The goal is to get each patient safely through the withdrawal period with a minimum amount of discomfort. When successful, a patient stands a much better chance dealing with the rigors of therapy. Therapy will set them up for a lasting recovery.

2. Therapy and Counseling – Most people enter treatment as broken individuals. They need therapy to help them understand why they developed a dependency. Narcotic addiction treatment comes in many forms but always includes various individual and group counseling options. The goal of therapy is two-fold–to teach the patient about their addiction and help them rebuild the broken person that lives inside. The rebuilding process develops strong life and coping skills the patient can use to avoid relapse.

3. Aftercare – Doctors can’t cure addiction, but they can render it dormant. As the patient leaves treatment, they face a world filled with temptations and stress. When they feel weak, they can turn to aftercare programs for help staying clean. The most popular aftercare programs are 12-Step meetings and sober living environments.

Serenity House Detox & Recovery – Providing Premier Detox Services

Serenity House Detox & Recovery in Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, focuses on the detox process. We choose to fill this critical need because we want patients to succeed in recovery. We do offer specific levels of therapy and counseling during the detox process, but detox is our specialty. After the patient completes detox, we stand ready to help them find a rehab that meets their needs. Here’s a short list that includes some of our detox services:

Addiction is nothing more than a ticket to prison, insanity or death. Before you let addiction take away your precious life, reach out for help. When you are ready, we want Serenity House Detox & Recovery to be your first call. The number is 866-294-5306.

The road to recovery has plenty of trials and tribulations. The good news is recovery programs work. With commitment and focus, you have a great chance of living a healthy life without abusing substances.