Choosing a detox center to begin the addiction recovery process is very important. The facility needs to welcome you and provide comfortable and safe treatment. Although most places achieve these goals, there are a few ways the Serenity detox is different from other programs. It goes above and beyond to get you clean.

Serenity Detox Intake Process

Two woman walking in sunshine at Serenity detox.The intake phase of a detox program is one of the most important. It requires the facility to get to know you to create a treatment plan that meets your needs. Some of the details that the staff assesses are your drug history and the drugs that you currently use. At Serenity House Detox, you can get treatment for alcohol, cocaine, meth and heroin abuse and addiction.

Your physical and emotional well-being also affects the type of treatment you need. Diagnostic screenings could be part of this process to determine the optimum path for your treatment.

During this stage, you can ask any questions that you have before enrolling. You can also talk to the doctors and nurses as well as tour the detox center. It’s a great time to learn as much as possible about the facility. Use the information that you learn to decide for certain whether or not you’ll be comfortable staying there.

If you decide to enroll at the Serenity detox center, the medical team will work together to create the treatment plan. However, the members will discuss the plan with you before finalizing the details. The purpose of treatment is to make you as comfortable as possible while keeping you safe during withdrawal. If you aren’t comfortable with something in the plan, you can speak up about making changes.

Building a Foundation for Rehab

One purpose of Serenity detox is to cleanse your body of the toxins that drugs leave behind. However, it’s not the only purpose. The other is to help you build a foundation on which the rest of your rehab can progress.

Using evidence-based treatment methods such as individual therapy is one way to accomplish this goal. It’s important during detox for you to engage in your recovery and overcome challenges. You can also develop strategies to avoid triggers and improve your chances for long-term recovery. You learn how to help yourself rebuild your life as well.

Administering medicine during detox is another evidence-based method. If you experience nausea, anxiety, depression or other symptoms of withdrawal, the medical team provides medicine to ease them. Again, the goal is to make you comfortable while your body adjusts to the chemical changes from stopping drug use. You can start participating in therapy when you start to feel better.

Along with using evidence-based methods, Serenity detox involves therapeutic support. Meditation and chiropractic care both promote stress relief. Each of these methods has its own benefits.

Meditation can decrease blood pressure, relieve anxiety and pain, and reduce depressive symptoms. It can enhance your immune system and improve your sleep too. Chiropractic care can reduce discomfort and pain, restore emotional balance, and decrease depression and cravings. It can also boost mental performance and improve blood circulation.

Combining these methods ensures that the treatment meets all of your needs. It also prepares you physically, mentally and spiritually for the hard work to come in rehab.

Take Advantage of the Serenity House Detox Difference

If you want to get clean from alcohol or drugs, a Serenity detox program could be what you need. The above characteristics of Serenity House Detox help us stand out from other facilities. In addition to our alcohol and drug detox programs, our offerings include:

Serenity House Detox wants to give you the addiction care that you deserve. To do that, we tailor your treatment plan according to your addiction and personal needs. We also modify the plan if it’s not working for you.

Don’t let addiction continue to control your life. Let Serenity House Detox show you how to fight for freedom from addiction. Dial 866-294-5306 today to take the first step on your journey to recovery.