Millions of people meet the criteria for having a substance use disorder. However, research shows that only a small portion of them seek help. Hesitation about withdrawal and uncertainty about what to expect are common reasons why. Learning more about inpatient detoxification could put some people’s minds at ease.

What Is Inpatient Detoxification?

Symptoms of withdrawal can be very unpleasant, and complications can arise. Inpatient detoxification is a program that provides safe methods for people to stop using drugs.

Woman speaking with counselor about inpatient detoxification.Detox centers offer inpatient services that include 24/7 supervision by doctors and nurses in a clinical setting. It’s the best treatment option for people who have a high risk for relapse and complications during detox. Patients often have the option to join 30-, 60- or 90-day rehab programs afterward. In general, they have a better chance for successful recovery the longer they stay in treatment.

However, hospitals also offer inpatient detoxification programs. Getting treatment at a hospital is the optimal option for people who are at risk for other substantial medical issues.

How Does Inpatient Detox Work?

Inpatient detoxification starts with a consultation and medical assessment. Patients provide information about their health and drug history. The details need to be as accurate as possible to help the doctors and nurses choose the best treatments. Detox centers also perform a full exam to determine the severity of people’s addictions.

When detox centers design a treatment plan, the staff members review the details with the patients. At this point, patients must agree to the treatment methods before the program starts. Before agreeing, they have the chance to ask questions about each phase of treatment. Detox centers generally encourage patients to question anything they don’t understand to improve treatment effectiveness.

Next, the actual detox starts. The withdrawal symptoms that arise can range from mild to severe. Not everyone experiences the same intensity, either. While some people have cravings, nausea and shaking, others suffer from anxiety, seizures, and suicidal thoughts.

To combat the withdrawal symptoms, treatment centers offer a mix of evidence-based and therapeutic care. The evidence-based treatments tend to include medicines that subdue the symptoms. The therapeutic care compliments the medicines by reducing stress, including meditation and massage.

The final phase of inpatient detoxification prepares patients for the rehab they will enter afterward. Detox centers introduce them to one-on-one and group therapy so that they know what to expect going forward. This preparation gives patients an advantage to address the cause of their addiction and learn triggers to avoid.

Which Medicines Do Detox Centers Use?

Detox centers use a variety of drugs to treat the withdrawal symptoms of several addictions. Anti-nausea medicine is one that reduces nausea and vomiting throughout the process. Since co-occurring mental health conditions are common with addiction, they often use benzodiazepines. This class of sedatives treats anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, and seizures.

Also, to treat seizures, doctors and nurses may use anticonvulsants instead of benzos. The medicine that they choose depends on the patient’s health and specific addiction. Antipsychotics are also useful for treating agitation, delusions, and delirium.

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