Your Local Newark Alcohol Detox May Not Be the Best Option for Long Term SobrietyNewark may be the city you call home, but when you’re struggling with alcohol abuse issues, it’s also a city with familiar temptations of alcohol everywhere. In 2016, the city of Newark passed legislation allowing wine and beer to be sold in movie theaters. While there are restrictions on purchases, many people in Newark are expressing disdain for allowing alcohol to be served in theaters. Newark Alcohol Detox centers are expecting an influx of new clients.

When you live or work in Newark, and feel wherever you turn you’re exposed to alcohol while struggling with your drinking, it may be time to consider relocating to begin a fresh start. A Newark alcohol detox, which would be the first step in building a strong base for addiction treatment, may not be the best choice.

A Newark Alcohol Detox Leaves Open the Door to Temptation

Alcohol is legal to purchase virtually anywhere in the US with the exception of a few dry counties. This places people with problems controlling the levels and frequencies of their drinking in difficult situations, but more so in Newark, with its even wider acceptance of alcohol as demonstrated by recent changes in movie theater regulations. The wide acceptance of selling alcohol, even in non-traditional venues, makes the temptations to drink even more widespread. A Newark alcohol detox choice might be put aside for a better option. Consider starting your journey to sobriety in another state, like Florida.

A Florida Detox: A Safer Choice?

Florida is a beautiful and scenic area to begin your life anew. Detox centers are readily available to help you wean off alcohol carefully and under medical supervision. While abruptly stopping alcohol can be quite dangerous for heavy drinkers, a qualified and certified detox center will provide 24/7 monitoring by experienced medical staff who give prescribed medications to help control any withdrawal symptoms.

The Program at Serenity House Detox

Serenity House Detox gives you a choice of two facilities in Florida to consider, one in West Palm Beach and the other in Fort Lauderdale. Both are located on the East Coast of Florida, nearby the Atlantic Ocean’s famous, scenic beaches. What better place to recover than in the Sunshine State with its sunshine, fresh ocean breezes and serene landscapes?

When you begin the road to recovery and long-term sobriety far from Newark, you’re giving yourself more chances at success by removing yourself from your “drinking buddies,” away from the “watering holes” you know. You’re eliminating the lures of going to your familiar places to drink, which would be nearby a Newark alcohol detox. Instead, you’re putting yourself in an unfamiliar area, where it won’t be so easy to walk out the door and abandon the detox process.

Your commitment to long-term sobriety is demonstrated by the fact that you put yourself in an unknown and untried location like coastal Florida. Any edge you give yourself increases the chances of success of detox and long-term sobriety after rehab.

Contact Serenity House Detox for Help

You’re not alone in your battle to conquer the hold alcohol has on your life. About 17 million adults in the US, at or over the age of 18, struggled with an alcohol use disorder in 2012 and the numbers are only getting worse.

Call us, we can help you. We’ll talk about why a Newark alcohol detox might be better put aside in favor of one of our Florida detox centers. Our 24-hour detox hotline can be reached by dialing 1-866-396-4129 right now. Our caring and qualified staff will answer your questions, give you information on our detox treatment programs, and help you with payment options.