How can I escape my drug addiction in Alaska? Alaska is by far the largest state in the US. Over the almost infinite expanse of Alaska are countless mountains, rivers, valleys, and towns. Fishing is a large part of the industry, and it’s very hard work. Many people in the fishing trade seek relief from the wear-and-tear and stress of fishing all day. And all too often they turn to drugs in order to find relaxation. There are hundreds of small towns scattered across the expanse of Alaska where you are a hundred miles or more from a city. These isolated places can get very lonely, and it may seem like the only thing to do is use drugs to feel less alone in the world. Learn more about the dangerous allure of drugs.

Addiction to Drugs in Alaska: Frozen With Fear

What can I do to avoid dependence on drugs? Alaska is an enormous state with an enormous drug problem. There are huge parts of the state where the roads become inaccessible for a large part of the year due to snow and bad weather. This leaves thousands of people essentially locked up in their houses over the winter waiting impatiently for spring. Drugs may seem like a good way to pass the time and make the isolation less lonely. But don’t be fooled! Drugs give you a false sense of security and relaxation. Alaska state troopers report that they make around 200 arrests every year related to meth consumption. Meth use doesn’t only hurt you, but it can influence you to commit crimes against other people too.

In Alaska, Drug Addiction Never Takes a Day Off

Where can I get the help I need to get free of drug addiction in Alaska? There’s no sense in trying to get over your drug addiction by yourself. That would be a fool’s errand! A very low percentage of people who try to end their drug addictions without professional help have any success. Get into a drug detox program where you can join a support community and get clean of your toxic addiction. 

From Alaska to Florida: the Path of Drug Detox

What’s my best bet for ending my Alaska drug addiction? You need to get as far away from freezing Alaska as possible. Get into a sunny, beautiful retreat center beside the Atlantic ocean. Get into Serenity House Detox in Florida where you leave your addition at the door.

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