Overcoming Addictions Through Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Hollywood drug and alcohol rehabFlorida(FL) has always figured prominently in the drug scene. It’s a primary receiving point in the trafficking of drugs from South and Central America and, understandably, has plenty of its own problems with substance abuse.

Although the rate of drug usage in Florida is comparable to other American states, drug-related deaths rank above the national average. Deaths from the effects of heroin in South Florida, which includes Hollywood and surrounding communities, have in recent years reached epidemic proportions. Drug and alcohol rehab should be a very serious consideration for anyone in the area with a substance abuse problem. And for this reason, residents looking for a Hollywood drug and alcohol rehab program may want to consider receiving treatment in another city in Florida.

The Nature of Substance Abuse

Marijuana is the most widely-abused drug in Florida(FL), although cocaine use is also a major problem. However, addictions go far beyond the use of “street” drugs. One of the biggest substance abuse problems in Hollywood and elsewhere in Florida involves the addiction to such prescription medications as oxycodone.

Drug and alcohol rehab is a proven method of overcoming substance abuse in Hollywood. Research has shown that those who go through drug and alcohol rehab over an extended period of time experience more successful recoveries, allowing them to return to their homes and families and once again become productive members of society.

The modern approach to dealing with addictions is treating them in the same manner as such chronic health disorders as asthma or diabetes. Drug and alcohol rehab that is medically based will help the substance abuser overcome the physical and psychological effects of the addiction. Local Hollywood drug and alcohol rehab programs may not utilize the most modern treatment techniques when addressing an addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Hollywood Residents

The key to treating any type of substance abuse in Hollywood is gearing the program to the nature of the addiction. Successful rehab also requires constant monitoring and evaluation, and the acceptance of setbacks that may occur during the treatment process. Any relapse that during during drug and alcohol rehab shouldn’t be seen as a failing of the program any more than would a temporary increase in the blood pressure of a patient being treated for hypertension.

Ranging between 40 and 60%, the relapse rate in drug and alcohol rehab is comparable to that found in the treatment of many health disorders. Relapse occurs in about 50% of the time in the treatment of diabetes, and up to 70% in the treatment of asthma and hypertension.

The fear of relapse or other problems that may arise during drug and alcohol rehab should never prevent the victims of substance abuse in Hollywood from seeking the treatment they need.

Addiction in Hollywood can be overcome. Consider every option available in the area when you are looking for a Hollywood drug and alcohol rehab program. A quality drug rehab center in Ft. Lauderdale or Jupiter, Florida(FL) can help you get your life back on-track. Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery today at 866-396-4129 to learn more.