Overcoming Addiction In Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Substance abuse comes in many forms in Florida. Although the amount of drug use in the state is approximately the same as in the country as a whole, the drug-related death rate in Florida(FL) is actually higher than the national average. Additionally, Palm Beach and four other counties in Florida rank in the top 25 of the local jurisdictions in the United States with the highest use of the prescription medication oxycodone.

This dire situation won’t get better on its own. Palm Beach Gardens residents need excellent drug and alcohol rehab treatment that has been designed to combat the scourge of substance abuse.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Palm Beach Gardens Residents

Drug and Alcohol Rehab- Palm Beach GardensAlthough marijuana is generally the drug of choice among the residents of Palm Beach, addiction to prescription drugs constitute a major part of the substance abuse problem. Cocaine and heroine are also used regularly by a significant number of Palm Beach residents. Quality drug and alcohol rehab offers assistance to those trapped in any of the many forms of substance abuse.

When viewed as a chronic disease in the vein of asthma or diabetes, substance abuse can be successfully treated, allowing those so afflicted to return to their communities and homes and become productive members of society. The goal of treating any type of substance abuse is to end the addiction. However, the treatment will require careful monitoring and constant evaluation, and it may also involve setbacks and the need for modifications. The programs available at a reliable Florida drug and alcohol rehab center such as Serenity House offer the hope of overcoming an addiction and staying clean in the future.

Overcoming an Addiction

Research shows that the majority of those who receive substance abuse treatment are able to overcome their addictions. However, the success of any treatment is largely dependent upon the nature of the addiction and of the person undergoing rehabilitation. The patients at a reputable drug and alcohol rehab will receive services geared to their individual and unique needs.

Rates of relapse in substance abuse treatment range from 40 and 60%. However, a relapse should not be viewed as a failure of the treatment process any more than would a temporary increase in blood pressure in a person being treated for hypertension.

Get Help Now

Residents of Palm Beach Gardens don’t have to accept defeat to addiction any longer. Get on the road to a successful recovery at a quality Florida(FL) drug rehab center such as Serenity House.