Selecting the best drug and alcohol detox program is potentially a life-or-death proposition for Tallahassee, Florida (FL) residents. The main reason why is that no two patients’ cases are identical. To quite the contrary, each patient’s circumstances and individual needs are unique. It’s important to find a quality detox center so that you can begin your journey safely toward sobriety.

How does a drug and alcohol detox differ from an addiction treatment center?

Drug and Alcohol Detox for Tallahassee, Florida(FL)The main distinction is that drug and alcohol detox facilities are designed to provide expert medically managed cleansing of toxic chemicals from the patient’s system. Having competent, trained professionals supervise this initial process is vital, as withdrawal symptoms typically develop that can potentially be fatal.

What happens after detox? After detox has been completed, Tallahassee, Florida (FL) residents can then follow-up with treatment. Typical service offerings include group therapy, individual counseling, recreational therapy, creative therapies and discharge planning.

What to look for in a Tallahassee, Florida drug and alcohol detox or addiction treatment program

Of course, valid state licensure in good standing is the first thing to verify before proceeding any further. The next most vital criteria are highly trained, licensed staff with appropriate educational credentials and practical experience.

An excellent indicator of relative program quality is accreditation by either the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) or the Joint Commission, formerly known as the Joint Commission on American Hospital Organizations. Although a voluntary credential, accreditation demonstrates genuine commitment to provide the highest quality services and patient care.

Where to find a reputable Florida drug and alcohol detox

Just as trained expert assistance is vital during rehab treatment, the same rule holds true for Tallahassee residents as they try to select a detox center that can best meet their needs. Fortunately, there’s a detox center right here in Florida that’s ready to help you overcome your addiction.

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