Drug and Alcohol Detox For Residents of Jupiter, Florida(FL)

The Palm Beach Post published a very illuminating article in 2012 about the soaring drug statistics among baby boomers. More and more people in Florida between ages 50 and 70 are becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol, and they need the help of an addiction treatment center.

This problem isn’t only in Palm Beach, FL, either. The issue has spilled into surrounding areas like Jupiter, Florida, but the disease of addiction doesn’t discriminate in regards to age. Thousands of young people in Florida are becoming addicted to alcohol as well as other drugs like heroin, meth, prescription medications and cocaine, and their only hope is to go to a qualified drug and alcohol detox to begin recovery.

Who needs a Drug and Alcohol Detox in Jupiter, Florida?

There are varying levels of addiction, but those with the most severe forms often need a drug and alcohol detox at an addiction treatment facility to create a foundation of recovery. Over time Jupiter, Florida, residents who have been abusing drugs or alcohol become dependent on the substance. When they try to decrease the amount they’re drinking or using, their body begins to experience the harsh symptoms of withdrawal. The symptoms people in Jupiter experience can be different based on what type of drugs they’ve been using as well as their current health.

A drug and alcohol detox at an addiction treatment center is the safest way to begin a life of sobriety. Symptoms of withdrawal can be very minimal, but extremely uncomfortable. The lesser symptoms include nausea, anxiety and insomnia as well as some physical aches and pains. More severe symptoms can include hallucinations as well as heart failure. Those who are older and have been abusing drugs or alcohol have a much higher chance of experiencing heart failure when they try to quit cold turkey.

Why go to a Drug and Alcohol Detox?

By going to a qualified detox facility, residents of Jupiter can have some peace of mind knowing that they have a medical staff who understands exactly what their mind is going through. Professionals will provide these individuals with personal attention as well as medical care throughout detox. The medical staff may also provide detox medications to help lessen the symptoms of withdrawal, and these medications will be tapered off over time. This is the first step in overcoming a disease of addiction, and residents of Jupiter can continue their care through a variety of different resources.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, an accredited detox program is the first step in reclaiming control of your life. Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery today at 1.866.396.4129 to learn more about our treatment programs. Don’t struggle alone any longer.