Drug and Alcohol Detox for Bradenton, Florida (FL)Bradenton, Florida and Manatee County are experiencing a drug epidemic with a rate of drug-induced deaths that far exceeds the national average. In July 2015, Manatee County recorded 216 emergency overdose calls, up from 17 the year before. Bradenton’s heroin epidemic is reaching new heights with authorities reporting a blend of heroin in the area that is often mixed with the powerful painkiller fentanyl, as well as other synthetics that are increasing the risk of overdose. While heroin and fentanyl deaths in Florida have gone up more than 110% in the last two years, other drugs (as well as alcohol) remain a problem.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction in Bradenton, Florida (FL) recovery is possible. Supervised drug and alcohol detox is a safe and effective form of addiction treatment that can help you achieve sobriety once and for all.

Supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox for Bradenton, Florida (FL) Residents

Detox is the first crucial step toward recovery. During drug and alcohol detox, alcohol and drugs leave your body to reduce cravings for the substance and put recovery within your reach. Many Bradenton, Florida (FL) residents say that detox is the hardest part of recovery because it comes with withdrawal symptoms that potentially severe and debilitating. While withdrawing from any addiction can be a painful experience, the withdrawal symptoms from tranquilizers and alcohol is especially dangerous. Supervised drug and alcohol detox is a safe and effective way to get clean while minimizing the painful effects of withdrawal.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment for Bradenton, Florida (FL) Residents

Some Florida residents can benefit from an outpatient addiction treatment program that allows them to return to their home every night. Inpatient drug and alcohol detox is the more appropriate option for people who are struggling with dual addiction, severe addiction, or mental health issues. Inpatient care is also recommended for people who wish to escape temptations and bad influences and enjoy a higher chance of success without relapsing.

Drug and Alcohol Detox is an Effective Solution

People who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction are not weak, nor do they lack morals. Thousands of people in Florida struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, but sobriety is possible.

Supervised detox can put recovery within reach by helping you reduce cravings and get clean as comfortably as possible before you start rehab. While challenging, the life you imagine for yourself is possible. The first step toward sobriety is reaching out for help to find out how a detox program can help you break away from alcohol and drugs for good. Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery today to find out more about how addiction therapy can help you.