Are you conducting initial research into local detox facilities, seeking to get your family member into a detox center in Tampa? Before placing your loved one into a detox center in Tampa, consider some options only a few hours’ drive away. After all, the greatest possible chance for your loved one to gain sobriety and keep it may be outside of your local community, as it is for many Americans who ultimately decide to travel to detox and rehab.

Evaluating the Options of a Detox Center in Tampa

Evaluating the Options of a Detox Center in TampaIn evaluating options to a detox center in Tampa, consider the accredited and licensed detox facilities of Jupiter, Florida. Only a few hours away, these excellent examples of Joint Commission-accredited detox treatment standards can provide your family member with the most comfortable, safe and healthy detox possible. Although this detox option may not be as close to your home as a detox center in Tampa, there are benefits to leaving your familiar environment for a solid start to lasting recovery.

For many people outside of Florida, traveling to detox and rehab is widely considered a better option than local treatment. People living in Florida who need detox and rehab are quite lucky, in that they don’t have to travel nearly as far as those coming from other parts of the country.

So if you’re tempted to discount the possibility of treatment anywhere except a detox center in Tampa, remember that such programs are meant to help your loved ones regain their hope and wellness for lifelong recovery. They need the best chance they can possibly get from detox and subsequent rehab. Maybe this best chance is just across the state.

Reasons for Choosing Jupiter Over a Detox Center in Tampa

Some of the clearest reasons for choosing detox in Jupiter, versus a detox in Tampa include:

Distance from Local Triggers

Local detox allows for quick and easy access to the temptations of your loved one’s connections, as well as a constant reminder of the close proximity of their triggers.

In going to Jupiter for detox, your loved one doesn’t have these immediately accessible temptations and Tampa-based triggers seem quite far away. This situation helps keep their focus on getting clean.

Less Chance of Running from Treatment

When undergoing treatment in a detox center in Tampa, your family member may find it easier to run from sobriety when the “going gets tough.” This is not uncommon for patients who are familiar with the surroundings outside their detox facility’s doors. In their home community, patients often have negative social connections who are more than pleased to pull their “friend” out of the healthier detox environment. People who are addicted enable each other, just as much as sober enablers may feel sorry for your loved one and help your family member abandon detox.

When detox is away from the local area, non-local patients cannot as easily flee the center. To someone going through withdrawal, having to figure out how to escape without connections would involve significant effort, coordination and money. They find that it’s simply easier to remain in the program. Once their withdrawal symptoms subside, these patients are glad they didn’t flee.


When going through detox and onto rehab afterward, most patients want some privacy in their treatment. They don’t want to run into familiar faces or “few degrees of separation” between themselves and staff or other patients. Your loved one will greatly appreciate the privacy that out-of-town detox affords them.

Serenity House Detox & Recovery in Jupiter

Sending a loved one away for detox and rehab can be a difficult decision. But detox and additional treatment through a quality rehab program should be without distraction or disruption for your loved one’s best chance of long term recovery. Joint Commission-accredited Serenity House Detox & Recovery in Jupiter, Florida provides you and the rest of your family with easy access to your loved one for family visits, therapy sessions and other events as part of their recovery. Being in Jupiter rather than Tampa allows them the space they need to gain sobriety and ongoing wellness. Bringing them to Serenity House Detox & Recovery could be one of the best gifts you provide toward their lifelong recovery.

Accredited detox in Jupiter is only a short drive away. Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery today at 1-866-396-4129 and get started on the road to a successful recovery.