When people think of and consider addiction treatment, they usually think of inpatient treatment. It sometimes creates a reluctance or anxiety for addicts who might be considering any form of drug rehab. For anyone considering getting treatment for an addiction, there are many treatment options available. For instance, an outpatient treatment center is available for patients with milder addictions. Clinicians might also prescribe it for patients with extenuating circumstances making inpatient treatment too restrictive. Many reputable treatment centers have advanced enough to realize a one size fits all treatment seldom works.

Outpatient Treatment – Determining Factors

Young woman smiling with the knowledge that the outpatient treatment center is working for her.It’s quite common for a rehab center clinician to consider a patient’s circumstances before prescribing treatment. For the best results, a patient needs to feel comfortable with the process. If inpatient rehab is too restrictive for any viable reason, all parties can benefit from choosing a different option.

Not all patients enter rehab in dire straits. There are a few who recognize the onset of addiction and take action before it’s too late. We commend these people. Given their level of self-awareness and responsibility, there’s a good chance an outpatient treatment center will be the proper fit. If issues arise later, it’s always possible for a clinician to move the patient to an inpatient program when necessary.

With some patients, clinicians have to work around a patient’s responsibilities. If a patient is a household’s primary source of income, inpatient treatment could cause financial problems. To the logical conclusion, economic issues can cause relapses. We could say the same thing about a patient who has primary childcare responsibilities. If they can’t find alternative care for the children, the situation dictates that we avoid inpatient treatment.

There’s another practical reason why patients might have to settle for an outpatient treatment center. The cost of inpatient treatment is often much higher than other forms of treatment. If a patient just can’t afford inpatient treatment, the treatment center has to consider other options. Outpatient forms of treatment usually cost less.

About Our Outpatient Treatment Center

For the most part, patients can expect to get what they need from any treatment program. Whether the problem is geared to cocaine abuse or alcoholism or heroin, it’s simply up to the clinicians and counselors to devise the right treatment program. Most outpatient treatment programs include the same intensive therapy and group related activities as inpatient treatment. The main difference between these two types of treatment is the level of trust a counselor places in the patient to avoid relapse in the home situation.

Interestingly, there’s even such a thing as outpatient detox. For many of the same reasons we mentioned above, it’s possible a doctor might offer a patient outpatient detox. The doctor would just give the patient precise instructions on what and what not to do. They might even prescribe some mild medications to help with possible pain or sleeping issues. As long as the patient stays in control, they can complete detox without problems.

There’s nothing wrong with attending an outpatient treatment center as long as it comes with the right results. Doctors and clinicians can always make adjustments. If the outpatient process isn’t working, the patient has to reassess their priorities and make decisions. The kids or money might be important, but what role can the patient play if they are sick or dead.

Detox at Serenity House Detox & Recovery

Serenity House Detox & Recovery is a premier detox facility. We maintain centers in Jupiter and Fort Lauderdale. Along with specific programs for both sexes and most substance addictions, we offer the following services during detox:

You don’t have to be a slave to substance abuse. With a simple phone call, you can beat your illness and start your trek down the path of recovery with inpatient or outpatient treatment. As usual, detox is an excellent place to start. For Serenity House Detox & Recovery’s premier services, you can call us at 866-294-5306. Our goal is to help you get off to a great start towards a new future. We’re talking about a normal life without the need to rely on harmful substances.