Tramadol, brand name Ultram, is an opioid pain medication. Doctors typically prescribe this medication for the treatment of moderate to severe pain issues. Anyone who has ever taken Oxycontin or morphine may know the similar benefits of Tramadol. For the ones who have had an opioid addiction, the negatives are also apparent. The only way back to a healthy way of living for those addicted to Tramadol is with addiction treatment. That usually includes a Tramadol detox before therapy begins.

Tramadol Detox – Getting Past Withdrawal

Woman taking pain pill may require tramadol detox soonDepending on the length and depth of a person’s Tramadol addiction, there’s plenty to fear from withdrawal. In some cases, opioid withdrawal symptoms can pose serious problems, up to and including permanent health issues. The best way to get past the withdrawal symptoms from any substance is with detox.

First, most doctors would not recommend that a person with a Tramadol addiction quit “cold turkey.” The risks are high. Instead, most doctors would advise that individual to find a reputable treatment facility to assist with detox and counseling. In some cases, a rehab facility may offer an in-house detox process. Help is available through some good detox facilities like Serenity House Detox & Recovery.

The primary goal of a Tramadol detox is two-fold–eliminate the patient’s cravings and allow the patient to clear the mind and body in a safe environment. A Tramadol detox is a crucial part of the treatment process. Why? Without detox, the patient is subject to eventually succumbing to cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that demand attention are insomnia, stomach and muscle cramps, breathing problems and hallucinations.

For a Tramadol detox program, the medical staff usually prescribes a medically-monitored program. In a medically-monitored Tramadol detox program, the medical staff monitors each patient’s progress. Any indication of discomfort or pain will often result in a doctor prescribing medication to address the issues. Once the detox process is complete and the patient is stable, they will be better able to focus on therapy.

After Tramadol Detox

Therapy is the kingpin of addiction treatment. In almost all cases, there’s an underlying reason why a patient abuses a substance. While some industry professionals believe knowing why is not critical, much of the treatment industry feels otherwise. If a patient has the insight, there’s tremendous upside to them being able to identify their stressors and triggers.

After working through the issues, it’s time for the patient to learn a new set of skills. We are talking about coping skills for relapse prevention. Most addicts have lost the ability to live life on life’s terms. The process of developing coping skills gives the patient a way to battle temptations well into the future. Without the appropriate coping skills, the probability of future relapse is very high.

Serenity House Detox & Recovery – A Detox Specialist

Serenity House Detox & Recovery facilities in South Florida offer detox services. While it’s not our primary focus, we also invest some time and effort on detox therapy. We direct all of our interactions with patients towards getting them ready for rehab and recovery. To assure our success, we provide a wide range of detox programs. The list includes:

After detox, we will work with our patients to find a treatment facility that’s able to meet their needs.

If you are reading this information, we assume you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction. If it’s an addiction to Tramadol, you need to get help. The first step has to come from you. When you are ready to admit you have an illness, we want your first phone call to come our way. You can get information about Serenity House Detox & Recovery facilities by calling 866-294-5306. It’s a long road to recovery, and it takes hard work. The payoff is a chance to live a normal life without dependence on drugs or alcohol.