People die from overdose because of synthetic drug abuse every year. Even just one dose could be fatal. It happens mostly among teens and young adults because they don’t understand the real dangers of these substances. Being more aware of synthetic drugs and the risk that they pose might encourage treatment.

What Are Synthetic Drugs?

Intake counselor taking information about synthetic drugs and addiction issues.Man-made or manufactured drugs are synthetic versions of other substances. They mimic the effects of natural drugs and come in pill, powder, liquid and herb form. Labs in China make most of the man-made drugs that are available in the United States. They often change the molecular structure to avoid violating drug laws. Traffickers smuggle the drugs into the country in bulk. Then, dealers individually package them for sale on the street, internet or in convenience stores. The packaging is typically colorful, and they give the drugs catchy names to appeal to teens and young adults. Low prices, easy access and the impression that synthetic drugs are harmless and natural also contribute to their abuse. However, they can be addictive and seriously threaten people’s health.

Commonly Manufactured Drugs

People can use several types of synthetic drugs. However, below are two of the most common.

Synthetic Marijuana

Man-made cannabis is very common under the names K2 and spice. Some internet dealers refer to it as incense. Other names include bliss, black mamba, genie, mojo and Scooby Snax. Labs make it mimic the biological effects of THC. Dealers sell spice as a plant material that looks a lot like natural marijuana. However, the makers spray the herb-like material with dangerous chemicals. When people smoke the substance, they ingest those chemicals. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration labeled five chemical sprays as Schedule I substances in 2011. However, drug traffickers use other chemical sprays as a loophole. Many dealers also use packaging that says “Not for Human Consumption” to protect vendors from legal prosecution.

Bath Salts

Most people know cathinones as bath salts, but they aren’t the kind that they use in the bathtub. Dealers refer to these drugs as bath salts because they usually come in crystal or powder form. They typically sell them in convenience stores or on the internet. Some brand names include Red Dove, Vanilla Sky, Scarface and White Lightning. Labs create cathinones to produce effects similar to cocaine, meth, and ecstasy. They use amphetamine-like chemicals such as mephedrone, methylenedioxypyrovalerone, and pyrovalerone. People snort or swallow bath salts to get high. However, this substance can cause even more harmful side effects than the drugs that they mimic. Some examples include abnormal muscle tissue deterioration and liver or kidney failure. People can also suffer from heart attacks, panic attacks, and paranoia.

Synthetic Drug Treatment

Not all synthetic drugs are addictive in nature. However, they change the chemical balance in the brain. Continuously abusing them could cause psychological or physical dependence to develop. With dependence, people could go through withdrawal if they try to stop using. The result is often symptoms such as anxiety, cravings, diarrhea, and nausea. Because of that, more treatment facilities offer teen and young adult detox every year. The facilities offer a safe, supportive environment to help people get sober. After detox, people with synthetic drug use problems need to continue treatment with behavioral therapy. The goal is to identify why they started using and to replace negative thoughts and emotions with positive ones. In turn, they can address the underlying issue and develop more appropriate behavior.

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