How Detox in Florida Helps Start RecoveryRecovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol isn’t a “one-and-done” process. Instead, true recovery and the greatest potential for lifelong sobriety are gained as part of a multi-pronged approach to addiction treatment. Detox in Florida is the first step on that road to a successful recovery, where the patient’s body is cleansed of the harmful substances to which it has grown accustomed to through drug or alcohol abuse.

Detox in Florida cleans the body and brain of chemicals abused as part of addiction. This is a natural process, wherein the body works to readjust to an absence of the illicit substance. When the addiction began, the body and brain had to adjust to the introduction of the drug of choice. Now, the process is reversed, and it’s a critical step in the process of recovery.

How Detox in Florida Helps Start Recovery

Some people can become sober by going through detoxification on their own. However, this isn’t safe for anyone who has been addicted for a long of time, or people who are dependent on substances such as opioids or alcohol. There are many people who die each year due to withdrawal-related side effects, so it’s important to ensure your own safety by enlisting a detox in Florida for professional help.

Detox in Florida can vary from program to program. It can also vary from person to person. Individuals are uniquely affected by their substance of abuse. Why? Because each person’s medical conditions, genetics, history of substance abuse, severity of addiction and other factors are almost as unique as a fingerprint. Although each individual’s experience detox in Florida can differ, program goals for a detox center are the same, which is that patients will experience a safe withdrawal from substances.

Detox in Florida exists to:

  • Ease uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal
  • Maintain the patient’s dignity
  • Prevent medical problems
  • Prepare patients for rehab toward lifelong recovery
  • Provide families with peace of mind regarding care for their loved one

Detox is a safe, comfortable first step into recovery. It’s the step required before rehabilitation, where patients learn how to prevent relapse, take better care of themselves, cope with cravings and rebuild their lives.

Another Important Role of Detox in Florida

Detoxing is never easy for patients addicted to drugs or alcohol. But the process is extremely difficult when it’s attempted “cold turkey” or within the patient’s own home environment. When intense, persistent cravings for the substance they have long abused hit them, many people simply can’t take it.

Many patients abandon detox at home or even in programs for a return to addiction. This is because they cannot endure the nagging and temptation of returning to their drug or alcohol to end any withdrawal cravings. When this happens, relapse can lead to death, as patients are unaware that their initial withdrawal reduced their physical tolerance and the amount of their substance that they can safely endure.

Detox is also only one step of several that lead to lifelong recovery. Recovery must start with detoxification. But without rehab after detox, relapse is almost inevitable. Many people believe themselves “sober enough” to not return to their addiction after detox, although this is rarely the case.

Drug detox prepares patients for rehab by introducing sobriety, wellness, nutritional balance, hope in recovery, initial therapies and a healthy daily routine. Peer support toward recovery is also first gained in detox, just as recognition of counselor support occurs in this environment. Detox is a balanced, empowering first step into rehab where behaviors, patterns, relationships, wellness, perspective and personal expectations are permanently changed.

Serenity House Detox & Recovery in Sunny Florida

To gain sobriety and readiness for rehab, Serenity House Detox & Recovery in Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter, Florida provides a peaceful, safe, comfortable environment. Patients are provided with professional medical supervision and support every step of the way through their withdrawal and physical cleansing in preparation for therapies and personal growth that rehab provides.

The help you need to gain sobriety and start recovery is available now. If you or someone you love are ready for recovery from addiction, call Serenity House Detox & Recovery at 1-866-396-4129.