A men's rehab program gives this guy some time to just lay back on the grass and relax.Making the decision to get help for addiction is never easy. This decision is made even more difficult if you feel pressure about being in mixed company when going through detox or rehab. Your hesitation is common, as many people want distance from the other gender during treatment due to trauma, society’s expectations, cultural differences or other pressures put on men. Seeking help through a men’s rehab program, starting with detox, is your answer.

Men and Women Experience Addiction Differently

Separate women’s and men’s rehab program treatment exists partly because of gender differences in drug use. A national study entitled Drug Use and Gender reported that men experience more rampant drug use, unlike females. Men are more likely to become addicted. They also experience addiction differently from females. Men:

  • Start using drugs or alcohol at younger ages than women
  • Use more drugs, using them more frequently
  • Smoke and drink alcohol in higher numbers than women
  • Engage in binge drinking in greater percentages than women

All of these statements are true of men and addiction. They are historically accurate and only since the 1980s have women suffered addiction in large numbers as compared to men. Almost twice as many men use drugs as women, in fact. Studies show 12 percent of males aged 12 or older use drugs, whereas only 7.3 percent of women in the same age group use drugs.

How to Begin a Men’s Rehab Program

Suffering addiction as a male puts pressure on you. This pressure is personal, professional, and cultural according to societal expectations of men. Being in a men’s rehab program helps you work on your drug or alcohol abuse without concern for some of those pressures. A men’s rehab program treatment provides focus, privacy, and security in your first days of recovery. So how do you start men’s rehab? No matter where you are with your addiction or where in the world you live, your men’s rehab program starts in the same place. That is, you start with detox. For the same reasons that you seek men’s rehab, a detox program for men is the most comfortable option for going through withdrawal. In a men’s detox, you are among other men who understand your journey and precisely what you’re going through at this important time. It is in men’s detox that your recovery starts. Detox bridges the gap between physical dependence and recovery, being the step before rehab. At this time you need support, comfort, guidance, and peace of mind. You start on the right foot with male peers in recovery who share your feelings, hopes, needs, and dreams.

Men’s Opiate Detox

In Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter, Florida, men like you gain opiate withdrawal help, ending physical dependence to these dangerous drugs. Serenity House Detox & Recovery supports, comforts and cares for you during withdrawal, helping you feel better the whole way. Serenity House Detox & Recovery staff provide a holistic approach to detox. They ensure you receive healthy nutrition, hydration, medication, health care and therapies you need at this important time. Detox is easier with Serenity House Detox & Recovery’s professional staff. You gain the strength and wellness you need for rehab and healthier days ahead, in recovery. Serenity House Detox & Recovery services include:

Your individual needs are the focus of Serenity House’s holistic detox. Healing encompasses your body, mind, and spirit. You become balanced and well as physical dependence ends, so you feel great leaving your detox program. This holistic approach includes a variety of therapies and services such as meditation, yoga, chiropractic care, physical exercise and other approaches for stress relief. If you or a man you love needs help ending addiction to drugs or alcohol, Serenity House Detox & Recovery provides that help. Call Serenity House Detox & Recovery now at 866-294-5306 for more information about available programs. Your future begins in men’s detox. Call right now.