A men's detox program gives this guy some time to relax as well as therapy.Addiction is a mental disease that can develop in both women and men. However, inherent gender differences mean that they don’t experience drugs or the disease in the same way. Because of that, they need custom treatment that addresses the gender-specific challenges they face. With that goal, a men’s detox program is the ideal way for men to start recovery.

What Is a Men’s Detox Program?

One of the biggest obstacles to treating substance abuse disorder is the unique needs of each person. A single approach isn’t enough to support long-term recovery. With a men’s detox program, doctors can design a treatment plan for only men. Such gender-specific programs remove men from the distractions that women can cause. Because of that, they can focus on and feel more comfortable in treatment. The therapists can also focus the sessions more on the issues that men have.

Why Male-Only Treatment Is Important

Since men experience drugs differently than women, it’s only logical that they experience treatment differently too. For starters, the reasons or excuses men and women use for why they don’t need help differ. Secondly, the genders don’t have the same reasons for using drugs in the first place. Men typically start to use for the benefits that they hope to gain. For example, they hope to have a good time, improve their intimate lives and increase work hours. In some cases, they have relationship or self-esteem issues or repressed emotions from childhood traumas. Also, men tend to find it more difficult to be honest with females in a group. In group therapy, they may clam up or skew the reality of their experiences because women are present. For these reasons, a men’s detox program is important to help men engage in treatment. They can also be more honest with themselves and their therapists, which only improves the quality of their treatment.

Benefits of Men’s Detox

The major benefit of a men’s detox program is that it makes men more comfortable than a co-ed program. The male-only environment helps them develop trust with their peers and therapists. Then, they find it easier to talk about issues such as self-esteem, the need to be in control, and emotions. They may be more open to discussing relationships, fears, and intimacy problems. Men tend to feel like women are judgmental about their behaviors, too. They might have had aggressive episodes during their period of drug use. Talking about those incidents could be very hard in front of women. Getting treatment in a male-only atmosphere eliminates any judgment from the opposite gender. This environment also removes the expectation from society that men must be strong and hide their feelings. Many men find it embarrassing to ask for help because of the ideals that other men or women set for them. However, male-only programs strip away these ideals to help men focus on achieving sober recovery. In addition, a men’s detox program prevents men from having to discuss issues that don’t pertain to them. Instead, they can spend more time talking about the stresses of being sons, fathers, and husbands. Being able to discuss their problems openly shows them that others have had similar ordeals despite their dissimilar backgrounds.

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