What can I do to help my daughter get the detox that she needs? When your daughter is suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism, you’re in a tough spot as the parent. You can see her falling apart before your eyes, falling deeper and deeper into the pit of despair that is addiction. And you want to help, but maybe you’re not sure how. Well, when your daughter is going through addiction or alcoholism, the only option is recovery. And the only way to begin recovery is with a form of detox. Serenity House provides a process by which our detox program for your daughter is focused on flushing the toxins out of her body that come with drug addiction or alcoholism. You can’t get clean of the substance without stopping taking that substance, right? That’s what detox is all about. And as her parent, you can actually be in a unique situation to help your daughter get rehab.

How Can I Talk to My Daughter About Detox and Addiction?

How can I help my daughter get effective detox? When you know that your daughter needs to overcome drug addiction or alcoholism, then it becomes a matter of how to talk to her. You need to convince her to begin the road to recovery with detox. But this is a sensitive subject, and lots of people don’t like to talk about it. Well, just like the talk about sex, this is an uncomfortable situation that nevertheless the parent has to go through. It helps to approach your daughter in a constructive way, emphasizing to her just how much you love her and support her. Don’t focus on your anger, resentment, or disappointment at her addiction. Remember that she’s a victim here, too. Drug addiction and alcoholism are both diseases, ones that your daughter can be suffering from. Once you approach her in a way that demonstrates how supportive you are, you can help her make the tough decision to begin detox and start transitioning toward recovery and a sober life.

Your Daughter and Choosing Detoxification

What kind of detox program for your daughter do we offer? Once you’ve helped your daughter understand that she needs to get sober, beginning with detox, it becomes a question of what kind of detox and where to find it. The question “what kind of detox” is easy, however. At Serenity House our detox program for your daughter will be monitored by medical professionals. It may be tempting for her or you to think that she can get through detoxification on her own without any help, but that’s not usually the case. And your daughter can actually put her life in danger by trying. Instead, choosing medically supervised detox is the best way to begin recovery safely.

The Top Choice for Your Daughter’s Detoxifying

Where can my daughter go for detoxification care that works for her? At Serenity House, we know how hard addiction and alcoholism are on families which is why we specialize our detox program for your daughter to each and every case. We want to make sure that families are whole and united again. That’s why we work with your daughter to customize the course of detox to fit her needs, creating the perfect home away from home for her. From there, when she’s completed detox, we can help her find the rehab center that fits her.

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