Whether drugs are for a medical condition or recreational use, they can cause addiction in anyone. Because of that, even businesspeople can develop this chronic disease. However, it’s common for them to feel like they can’t stop working to get help. Luckily, detox for professionals is available in Florida.

The Importance of Medical Detox

medical detox for professionals floridaIn general, people don’t intend to develop alcohol or drug addiction when they use those substances. Most of the time, they believe that they can control how much they drink or use. However, these substances have profound effects on the brain that lead to tolerance, dependence and then addiction.

At this point, the brain and body can’t function without the drugs. The result is withdrawal when people with addiction suddenly stop using. This form of shock to the mind and body can cause life-threatening symptoms in some cases. However, the symptoms are usually more distressing than anything else.

Like everyone else, the only way for businesspeople to stop using is to seek Florida addiction treatment for professionals. This type of program always starts with medical detox. If they try to quit without help, they have a higher likelihood for relapse and put their lives at risk.

What a Standard Detox Program Offers

It’s important to know how a standard Florida detox program differs from medical detox for professionals. Overall, both programs follow the same general process.

When people visit a detox facility, the staff conducts an intake exam to determine the support that they need. This assessment may include blood, urine, mental health, and physical health tests. It’s important that they tell the staff about their health and substance use history too.

Next, the standard detox process begins, which includes fewer services than detox for professionals. Both programs include medicine to control and prevent withdrawal symptoms. In fact, the medications are what make medical detox the safest way to stop using drugs. Other services, such as holistic activities, might also be available during this phase.

Florida detox staff members provide support until people are stable enough to prepare for ongoing treatment. Also, relapse prevention planning is part of this preparation. The facility might include some addiction education and therapy as well.

How Detox for Professionals Differs

Businesspeople typically worry about leaving their posts while they get addiction treatment. Because of that, detox for professionals Florida provides specialized services that address this unique need. Since taking time off of work is the primary concern, executive detox allows them to keep working.

In order to achieve that, detox for professionals provides high-quality services and a flexible treatment environment. Medication management is part of that, keeping businesspeople as comfortable as possible. This program also makes privacy a priority so that they can still focus on their personal and business obligations.

Where detox for professionals Florida really shines, however, is with computer and phone access. It includes the tools necessary so that businesspeople can maintain their businesses while they get healthy. Conference rooms are usually available too.

In addition, medical detox for professionals tends to have fewer people in each program. As a result, the doctors and nurses can focus more of their attention on each businessperson. The extra attention makes the program even more personalized according to their needs.

Luxury-level services are common in Florida detox for professionals as well. For instance, exercise facilities allow businesspeople to maintain fitness while they complete detox. Personalized meals provide the nutrition that their bodies need to heal from the drug toxins. Furthermore, upscale spa services offer alternative methods of stress relief, such as facials and massages.

Getting Executive Detox at Serenity House Detox & Recovery

Are you a businessperson who needs help overcoming an alcohol or drug addiction? You can get medical detox for professionals at Serenity House Detox & Recovery. Our Florida detox center has numerous services, and we use these in all of our programs to create customized treatment plans.

In fact, Serenity House Detox & Recovery goes a step further than other facilities to address your specific needs. This detail is evident in our men’s and women’s detox programs. Some of our other programs include:

Don’t put off starting your addiction recovery because you worry about your career. Find out more about how detox for professionals can allow you to work and heal at the same time. Begin your treatment at Serenity House Detox & Recovery by calling 866-294-5306.