How can I stop using drugs? Right now, one of the largest public health crises facing the United States is not Ebola. It’s drug addiction. Drug addiction has killed hundreds of thousands more people than Ebola ever has in this country. It is also behind a huge surge in crime rates and the ascendance of the massive criminal empires who control the drug trade. But all that is the large-scale view of the problem. What about you? How is drug addiction impacting your life? Some might not even be aware of all the ways that drug addiction is impacting their life or endangering their health. But drug detox can help you. Click here to learn more about choosing your steps toward recovery.

Addiction and the Ways It Hurts You

Drug addiction is a disease that has a huge impact on you and your family. Whether it’s an illegal drug such as meth, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or the prescription painkillers that are rising in popularity, drug abuse can hurt you and those you care about. Just think about things like finances – how much money do you spend on drugs each month? Or your career: what kinds of promotions could you have gotten if your performance wasn’t harmed by drug addiction? The average cost of drug addiction to the American economy is in the tens of billions. And your family is suffering too. But the good news is that there is an answer. Drug detox and rehab treatment is the right choice to help you overcome addiction for yourself and your family, especially here at our affordable Florida detox.

How Does Drug Addiction Treatment Work?

How can drug treatment help me? When you’re looking for the way out of drug addiction, treatment is your best option. Study after study has shown that it’s the best way to overcome addiction and begin a new sober life. It might be tempting to try to stop using drugs on your own, but remember the old cliché about “I can quit anytime want to.” Addiction means you can’t control your actions, which means you can’t stop taking drugs on your own. And it can actually be dangerous for you to try. That’s why you need to be medically supervised here at an affordable Florida detox center.

Drug Detox and Recovery at Serenity House

How can I begin drug treatment to overcome my addiction? At Serenity House, we can help you take the first step in conquering your addiction. Our medically supervised detox is designed to keep you safe and healthy as you work through addiction and begin treatment. We work with you to personalize and customize your care to fit you exactly. And once you finish with our affordable Florida detox, we can help you get connected with the rehab center that works for you.

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