The first step toward recovering from addiction is detox. An extensive program offers all of the tools that people need to overcome this mental disease. Knowing the detox definition and how the process works help people understand what to expect.

Detox Definition

Guy with cap and hand to head may want to know detox definition.The detox definition explains the program as a process in which the body naturally removes all toxins. As the body metabolizes or processes the toxins, it eliminates them through waste or other means. It essentially involves not consuming the toxins until the body is completely clean.

For addiction detox, the goal is for people to stop taking drugs and never use them again. However, the body responds to the lack of drugs that it thinks are necessary to function. This reaction causes withdrawal symptoms that are often uncomfortable and painful.

Sometimes the symptoms cause complications that can lead to serious health problems and even death. Detox with medical care allows people to get through this process safely.

How Detox Progresses

When planning detox, medical staff take into account the drugs that patients use and how long they’ve used them. Since these factors are different for everyone, no two people have the same detox needs or experience. Although the specifics of the detox progress varies between patients, there are three main steps.

Patients undergo a full physical exam and blood testing to determine their level of health and drug use. They also provide details about their medical, mental and drug histories. This information helps the medical team decide the medications and doses to use to ease withdrawal symptoms. It also helps them recommend long-term treatment options.

In the second step, the detox center monitors the patient’s progress and provides medication as necessary. Their goal is to prevent complications from developing. They address any problems as they arise to ensure that the patient remains safe.

As the symptoms fade and the patients are capable, therapists provide counseling. This step prepares patients for follow-up, long-term rehab treatment. Detox alone can’t help people overcome addiction because they need to address the root cause through therapy.

How Long Detox Takes

Not everyone uses the same drug or dose and for the same length of time. These factors play a role in how long detox takes. On average, detox takes about seven to 10 days. However, it can be shorter or longer depending on the above factors and the presence of other health problems.

Detox usually lasts for a week for alcoholics, but they may feel the effects for longer. Detox from opiates such as heroin and prescription pain pills takes an average of five to 10 days. However, some patients experience the lingering effects of addiction for several months.

People with cocaine addiction spend about one to three weeks in detox programs. However, drug traces can remain in the body for up to 12 weeks and cause intermittent symptoms. Detoxing from meth can take two weeks or more. Depending on the severity of the addiction, some people feel withdrawal effects for a few weeks after detox.

Therapy During Detox

Although the detox definition doesn’t involve therapy, it’s a very valuable and effective tool for overcoming addiction. Many patients have unresolved grief or trauma that leads to drug use. In addiction treatment and therapy, they attempt to identify these issues and resolve them before moving forward.

Counselors at detox centers use a variety of therapy techniques to achieve this goal. They also teach patients how to change their thought patterns. With these changes, their behaviors and emotions become more positive. Additionally, patients start to learn skills and gain community support that helps them remain sober.

However, the therapy during detox just scratches the surface. It prepares patients for digging deeper in a comprehensive rehab program. Counseling during detox also makes the foundation for recovery stronger.

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